10 Things To Do before you Publish Blog Content
10 Things To Do before you Publish Blog Content

Today’s infographic is a checklist of 10 Things To Do before you Publish Blog Content. Some of the tips in this infographic that have worked for me.

10 Things To Do before you Publish Blog Content

1. Make sure the post is well-structured

2. Optimize for search engines

3. Choose the best category

Create Categories on your blog and make sure they make understanding regarding the overall Blog plan. Before publishing a new post, Just list it under the relevant category, so that your visitors will apparently be engaged in the other Blog post.

4. Are you on schedule?

5. Did you write Long Blog post? is it too much?

Blogging is a platform where it is not necessary to write Blog post a specific word in 500 words 0r 1000 words. You can cover article within 100 words too, But it should not affect blog post quality. It helps you to hold the attention of a reader.

6. Add a call to action

Always invite your readers to take part in blog post discussion. Keep the problems and preference of your readers in mind, that will help you create content that will be received and commented.

7. Optimize for social media sites

8. Ask questions at bottom

Always ask a question at the bottom of the blog post, it will help your readers and you to understand what readers understood from your blog. A Asking question will maintain a good relationship with bloggers and readers.

9. Cover some star

Invite your fellow bloggers for Interview or you can also tag them in your blog post by saying more information follow this article.

10. Write a catchy description

Your Blog posts must have a description of up to 160 characters, which will carry the character of its content. Sure, your blog posts can get published without meta descriptions, but that will give the search engine with the first 160 characters on the page.