Check out these 20 More Google Plus Tips and important guidelines with Dos And Don’ts of Google Plus  to Grow your brand or Business presence on the Google plus Social network.

20 More Google Plus Tips: Dos And Don'ts
20 More Google Plus Tips: Dos And Don’ts

20 More Google Plus Tips: Dos And Don’ts

Don’t s of Google plus

1. Do Use Appealing and Relevant Images and Videos.
2. Don’t Use Bad or Unprofessional Images or Videos.
3. Do Use Memorable Taglines.
4. Don’t Use the Company’s Address in a Tagline.
5. Do Link Google Plus Accounts to Other Social Media.
6. Do join communities in your niche and don’t forget to Share.
7. Do join and create Circles to target precise audiences.
8. Do Use the Google +1 Feature.

Do’s of Google plus

9. Follow and engage with other to bring conversation to you.
10. Share the lessons you have learned while using G+.
11. Never, never, SPAM a community.
12. Never, never, share your post to “Circles”, this is consider SPAM. Do so, only if they grant you permission.
13. Follow community rules in order to be a good and helpful citezen.
14. Be sure to have a complete profile or page before start engaging with others.
15. Make sure you share quality content (curated or original). Focus on quality.
16. Pay close attention to your engagers, and keep that relationship strong with them.
17. Interact with to influencers in your market to help create a successful path for authority.
18. Be helpful.
19. Don’t forget to say thank you, even to those little plus ones.
20. Be personal, so your audience get to know you better.


  1. I’d reach 5 thousand maximun friend limits in my account. Could you pls guide me on how to increase my friends at same account? Is there any payment needed pls? Thank you.

  2. Well written. Thanks for the tips.
    In some communities on Google+ the moderators itself break the rules still they continue to be a mod how unfair it is!