Atomic Email Service ? Have you ever heard about this service before ? Well , Atomic Email Service sends messages or important documents automatically to the clients. 

Atomic Email Service
Atomic Email Service

Atomic Email Service – A email marketing services

Atomic Email Service is a secret weapon and best tool to e-mail marketing success for business. Managing a e-mail list is quite easy without a technical skills.

I would say every newbie internet marketer or businessman should use Atomic Email Service which has all features you need , and its free for certain period.

Let me tell you

Important features of Atomic Email Service

  • Price :

After registration , you need to choose two tariff plans One is Free 200” and other one “Free 500” .
With “Free 200” you can send 3000 mails to 200 subscribers and for Free 500” you can send 7500 mails to 500 subscribers but to use this plan you will have to place a link to your website.
There are also monthly paid plans to subscribe, you can check out complete list here.

  •  Easy-to-Use :

User friendly interface and Easy-to-Use. You don’t need to have any technical skills or experience for managing your email campaigns. Personalize emails according to position, name, sale prices, etc. and it also allows you to add more than one email addresses to send emails to your clients. It only takes two clicks to setup your mailing system.


  • Auto-Responder :

You can create auto responder mail every time when you want to send the emails to your subscribers. and You can automate your mailing by scheduling your email campaigns in advance.


  • Tracking System

Tracking System gives clear in-depth picture of how your email marketing campaign is performing.

It’s an extremely easy to use with Atomic Email Service, and the report is presented in an incredible simple way by exporting it in XLS and PDF format.

 Finally :

Atomic Email Service is absolutely free up to 500 subscribers and it has best feature of a leading e-mail marketing service . I think you should give it a try .

So signup below Atomic Email Service