Best ways to speed up your WordPress site
Best ways to speed up your WordPress site

Fast loading WordPress site will improve SEO, with lots of visitors and produce more sales. Once you test your site speed through Google’s page speed test or on GT Metrix, you will get a lot of suggestions to improve your site’s loading time. Those are all good method, but there are also a lot of Best ways to speed up your site.

Here are Best ways to speed up your WordPress site

1. Register your domain some other place rather than your hosting company.

I have seen many bloggers using hosting from one server and domain from another server. But later i came to know that they buy domain from the company who are specializes in domain, which can boost your website speed.

I am using hosting from siteground and domain from godaddy. It helps my site to load fast rather than when my domain was registered with hosting.

2. Choose a good hosting Plan

Cheap hosting can’t be compare with good quality or good hosting. Make sure that if you want your website to load fast then hosting server should be good enough to handle amount of content and traffic you are receiving. Most of the bloggers choose shared hosting plans that means thousands of website on server, which means a website will take a time to load. Having a good hosting plan is one of the best key to load your website fast.

3. Use a Good Quality Paid themes

I would prefer ThemeForest themes, they are fast and good. I bought newspaper WordPress theme and its super fast. Even free themes and custom themes can slow down your website. But before you purchase theme, just run it via google page speed test to see how theme loads fast.

4. Limit the number of fonts

Using too many fonts in a website will create a problem. While selecting font from google fonts, it will show you load time of the font, and it will tell you if it will slow down your website.

5. Optimize images

Images are number 1 reason to slow down your website. Make sure you resize your images, featured images etc before publishing it live on a website.

6. Limit Plugins

You can use as many plugins you want there is no limit, but some plugins might affect your site speed while some plugins can affect your page speed. Make Use of P3 plugin to test which plugins are slowing down your site and then decide whether or not those plugins are necessary or not. Also, don’t forget remove inactive plugins.

7. Use of a cache plugin

You can make use of W3 Total Cache plugin, it’s very useful plugin for all WordPress sites. I prefer site ground hosting plan, it gives good caching features which helps you to load your site fast.

8. Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks

Pingbacks and trackback enabled is an excellent way to see who is sharing your post link on their site, but it uses your speed juice to pull that information. My blog had this problem, but now I have disabled pingbacks and trackbacks. To disable pingbacks and trackbacks navigate from your WordPress dashboard to Settings > Discussion.Use default WP comment system.

9. Use default WP comment system

Most popular third party comment systems are good and best, but they can also be a problem to slow your website down. If your website is taking a lot of time to load then, you might feel like to switch back to the default WordPress comment system.

I would love to know how fast your site loads, and don’t forget try these above methods and then come back and tell me how fast your site loads after the changes!