Convert HTML to WordPress Theme

Do you want to Know How to Convert HTML to WordPress Theme online ? This is one of the important Question that user search in the Google Search.

Theme matcher allows you to Convert HTML to WordPress Theme. All website developers call this site as “HTML to WordPress theme converter”. All Website developer call this site as “HTML to WordPress converter”. It will take few minutes to convert your static HTML to WordPress. Theme Matcher takes images, CSS styles, and Layout from existing website and Converts it into an optimized WordPress Theme.

HTML to WordPress converter
HTML to WordPress converter

Convert HTML to WordPress Theme step by step:

Below are the steps to your convert HTML template to WordPress theme

  • Go to Theme Matcher website
  • Enter your existing website URL
  • Select The Content Area Of The Design (The Tool Makes This Easy By Outlining Blocks Automatically As You Move The Mouse)
  • Select the Sidebar Area Or Choose To Have No Sidebar
  • Remove Any Unwanted Elements (Optional) OR Preview theme
  • Click Done
  • Now Click on Download Theme button

HTML to WordPress theme Tutorial :


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