Geo-Tag is your future address on Myzyp App
Geo-Tag is your future address on Myzyp App

Well, how would you react if I tell you that in future your couriers and parcels shall fall from sky.
Surprised? ….This is a reality we will witness very soon, and sooner shall we also get used to this technology rather than being amazed.
Courier Companies in US are testing the use of flying drones to drop parcel at your current location tracked through GPS.Be ready …. in future, there will be No long addresses…No landmarks….

Be ready …. in future, there will be No long addresses…No landmarks….No pin codes/ zip codes, Just a Geo tag on google maps will be enough.

A “Geo-Tag” is your future address

Myzyp” is one such mobile app which makes it easy for you to geo tag a location and give it your unique name.
Example: John’s home address can be now a ONE

LINE ADDRESS i.e. “&johnshome” (Presently none other app makes it possible to personalise your geo tags with the names of your choice)
What’s more?,

Add a picture, phone no., website link, Facebook page, important notes to your geo tags , make those addresses more complete and easy to locate.
This app is certainly the future of how people will locate you and your address.

In developing countries like India, China, Brazil etc there are many places which don’t have a proper address or a landmark, It is very difficult to find and reach such places, with myzyp you can create a geo tag for such places and make them easy to find/reach.
You can also share these geo tags on social network apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc.

In our daily lives, Its very often that we get bugged to give directions over the phones to people trying to find our homes and offices, those conversations are interesting and funny at times.
Avoid those hassles of giving directions over the phone now, just message them the geo tag and make it easier for people to reach you.

Let me mention an interesting fact about this app, The founders have patented the “&” symbol which is a default prefix for any geo tag on myzyp. Similar to an “@“ sign for emails, “#” for trends,…..“&” will be for an address or a geo tag.

In future, people trying to search for an address on google will just have to prefix the keywords with “&” symbol and the search result will only show contents related to an address or a geo tag , hence filtering all unwanted web results.

• Very useful in Emergency, especially during an accident. Use myzyp to geo-tag the location and forward it to your friends to reach to your spot to help.
• Useful for photographers, Tourists, Real estate businesses, Event managers, bikers and people who are on the move
• The “ Search” feature helps you find places by typing keywords. eg. you can type “GOA” in the search box and find all the tags related to Goa listed in one go.

Overall this app is great and a must to have on your smartphones. However, there is one peculiar problem i think needs attention from the developers, it is complicated at times, not very easy to get used to in the first go, you need to spend some time on it, but once you are through with it, it is really very nice.

The basic purpose of any technology is to make your life easy, well this app will certainly make our lives much easy, especially to reach to locations which are difficult to find.

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  1. Excellent app for address management, very easy to use and convenient. Now i dont waste time on giving directions on phone to people. I just send them a myzyp tag.