A long tail keyword is a keyword phrases which drives smaller amounts of traffic than a broad keyword.  The benefit of having long tail keyword in a website is to improve qualified traffic to your web site to increase sales. 

In simple words,

Visitors that comes to your website from a Long Tail Keywords are more qualified. 

How to Find Long Tail Keywords free
How to Find Long Tail Keywords free

How to Find Long Tail Keywords free

  • Note down long tail keywords related to your link: Think from customers’ point of view to come up with keywords that your customer would use to find you in Google search. So , Take a phrases that best describe the product or service you are offering. Note: You can also add location based keywords .
  • Research on competitors’s site: Analyse of your competitors’s content and find long tail keywords that they use to describe their offering. You can also check their meta-title and meta-keyword tags to find long tail keywords that they use.

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  • So Finally you got keywords which you were looking for. Now, find out the search volumes for these keywords using Google AdWords: Keyword Planner. Long tail keywords generally do not have too many searches per month. So you can select your top searched and location specific keywords and add it in your list.
  • Now you have a final list of keywords, Now Use long tail keywords your on-page headers, meta and titles with these keywords. Also provide internal links from these keywords to relevant pages.

Note:  Do not repeat the keywords more than 2 times.