Is it worth promoting site on a Facebook page
Is it worth promoting site on a Facebook page

If you had asked me 2 to 3 years ago “Is it worth promoting a site on a Facebook page?” I would have replied a big “YES”.
But Now despite me promoting all social media interaction, my answer would be Facebook is not worth the time and effort!.

Is it worth promoting a site on a Facebook page ?

Facebook pages post only able to reach between 8 to 15% of their audience on any given post. Its very low for the time and effort involved in creating a Facebook post ideas.

See the edge rank Facebook algorithm is not there to promote your page, it is there to make you pay Facebook to promote your posts.

So in order to reach more audience a business page is left with two options:

1. You get more likes, comments or shares on your posts.
2. You pay Facebook to promote your posts.

So let’s talk about the first part: It doesn’t take into account the type of audience you have. If your audience is very active – say you are promoting a Rock brand, Hrithik Roshan or some Pepe Jeans then your posts/page will be more visible. If your audience is not that active you begin to see your reach gradually declining until your page is almost non-existent * to your followers.

Facebook doesn’t care about *your brand – it’s all about the way Facebook see things important.

So don’t waste any more time on Facebook and start concentrate on the platforms that really give you *value for the effort * of your employees. By value I mean: if the marketing email is good people gonna get back to you. If the Google+ post is informative, authoritative and relevant customers will stop and read it.

Note:  Don’t destroy your relationship with Facebook pages completely – just start auto posting your articles there. As in all social media if anybody replies make sure you respond and engage in a conversation.

Direct all your work force power towards social media that gives you value for brain effort involved.?


  1. There is a very informative and insightful post. I have watch as our Facebook Business Page has slowly faded away. Because we are a B2C company we must engage on Facebook, but we will also focus on growing our other social platforms and as the post says only auto pot to face book.