Nanu app allows you to make Free calls without struggling on 2G network. This is best app to compare with Viber , Wechat , skype , Line etc. who are failed to work on 2G network.

Nanu app Review – Free calls on 2G Networks

Nanu app Review - Free calls on 2G Networks
Nanu app Review – Free calls on 2G Networks

Nanu app actually allows to connect with other Nanu users even if you are in congested area or even if you are using low-bandwidth 2G network with an advertisement at the beginning of each.

Nanu app is a founded by a father and son team, who has intention of achieving free calls to everyone, everywhere. 

So when you download and install Nanu app, you will get 15 free minutes worth credits which will allows some calls to landlines and mobile numbers for 15 minutes for non-Nanu calls for free.

These 15 minutes can be used to call to landline numbers in 41 countries including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand and for mobile phones in 9 countries like India , Germany, Singapore, Spain, Hungary, Israel, Thailand, and the US.

Nanu app makes use of only 1MB of data is for 10 minutes of phone call. A advertisement also appears while making a call , but you do not have to click on it. 

This app is currently available only for Android mobiles. Nanu Company is already working on iOS and Windows Phone app which will be arrived in upcoming November. They also revealed that they will be providing unlimited free Nanu to non-Nanu calls in near future.

Personal experience:

Nanu will really bring competition to Skype , Viber , Line etc.  I am really impressed with Nanu app . I used the app to Call to non nanu mobile number and it worked very well for me on my 2g internet of Aircel carrier. Call was perfect , Just a slight delay but it cost free. I would recommend you all to download and enjoy this app.

More info:

Download Nanu app in Google play