Role of Social Media in Marketing Mix

Anyone in the marketing world knows that social media is important. Unfortunately, few people know how to use the medium well. This is primarily because they misunderstand the social media’s role in a marketing strategy. In this article, I will discuss how best to use social media and how you can begin to generate leads using the different platforms.

Role of Social Media in Marketing
Role of Social Media in Marketing

What social media is for

Being social: First and foremost, social media is about conversation. It gives a brand a human touch. For some businesses, a good social media page can even be a first resource for customer service. Share information with your followers in the same way you should share information with a friend. This means offering things the user will find valuable, not just showing off what your business can do.

Brand awareness: Social media offers a chance for your existing fans to see your brand regularly. Twitter is the platform that is best suited to this. Facebook, on the other hand, has made a number of revisions to its algorithm that lessens brands’ exposure without significant ad spend.

Photos: Customers love seeing what you’re all about. Show them what’s going on in-store or in-office. Are your employees doing something good for the community? Did your restaurant make a great dish? Is it bring-your-dog-to-work day? Post a picture. Visual content is much more eye-catching than text and more likely to be shared.

Disseminating content: If you have a company blog, get the message out over social media. Share new posts on your different accounts, but make sure to use different promotional text for each platform. If you have a fan who follows you on both Facebook and Twitter, seeing the exact same post could make them unfollow one of the accounts to avoid repeat information.

Drawing traffic: Create inbound traffic using links that your followers will find valuable, such as ones that lead to interesting blog posts or sales offers. Make sure that your website pages also have social sharing buttons, so that visitors have a easy way to share the page on their own accounts.

What social media is NOT for

Bragging: A tasteful mention of news coverage is completely acceptable, but going on about everything your business can do gets old fast. Again, think of your social account as a human interaction. No one will sit around listening to the guy who just talks about himself all day.

Repeat posts: If someone goes to your homepage and sees that you’ve posted the exact same message twice in the same day, they are going to think your page is spammy and probably won’t follow. Instead, keep each post fresh and interesting.

The bottom line

I’ve seen a lot of good brand social media accounts – and, unfortunately, a lot of bad ones. A good social manager is one who understands that it’s about engagement, about drawing people in and building rapport. Organic growth will draw far more leads in the long run than get-followers-fast schemes. Focus on the customer; track your results and modify your technique until your find your sweet spot.



  1. I don’t know if this can be connected to social media, but I know Google had gone around and taken pictures of inside businesses so that would also be something to look into . Thanks for sharing!