What are the disadvantages of using WordPress
What are the disadvantages of using WordPress?

Security is the biggest disadvantages of using WordPress. Some people don’t update their themes and plugin or WordPress which . Make sure any plugin which you use is being already used by many peoples. Poorly written plugins or themes can harm your site.

What are the disadvantages of using WordPress?

  • Security: WordPress is likely the No. 1 targeted platform for hackers.

So to be safe , keep your website updated.

  • Plug-ins: Plugin plays very important role in wordpress. A wrong plugin can break your entire site, destroy your SEO.

To be safe, install plugins which have good reviews and most downloaded.

  • Automatic upgrades: The fancy automatic upgrade feature is more curse than blessing. You should be removed the ability to update themes and plugins from your production environment. Otherwise you risk extended down-time while you troubleshoot a problem an automatic upgrade caused.
  • Performance: WordPress needs a surprising amount of CPU power to run and will consume a lot of memory. To perform well you need to use a caching plug-in, and it’s still a hog.
  • Customization: Out-of-the box, WordPress kind of sucks. It doesn’t do SEO well, you need several plug-ins for that. The URLs aren’t human readable, you need to customize them (but not too much, lest you go down the mod_rewrite rabbit hole). It’s not laid out the way you want, you need a theme for that. Widgets are global, but maybe you only want them on certain pages or sections of your site. You have to customize, customize, customize! You can spend months tweaking/customizing your themes, templates, plug-ins, and widgets to get them just right.
  • Other-people’s customization: The community is a wonderful place, where only a few actually know what they’re doing. A lot of the customization other people post are crap; they end up making performance even worse, executing too many queries, conflicting with other customization, causing version conflicts, bloating your HTML/CSS/JS code… it can be a nightmare.
  • Code bloat: The WYSIWYG editor produces bad HTML, most themes and plug-ins are bloated. You need to install HTML/CSS/JS minifiers, but don’t get the wrong ones or they’ll kill your CPU may modifying EVERY REQUEST.
  • Documentation: It’s great! Except for the part that’s really important to you, that’s out of date.

I need to balance up my criticisms by saying that WordPress has a lot going for it, and is the first choice for many of my projects. Additionally, other developers may disagree with many of my points above, which represents my personal opinion, but you asked for the downsides of developing websites using WordPress and the above issues are what I’ve found to be negative about my experience of building websites in WordPress.


  1. wordpress having only one demerit that its not a product of google unlike blogger, it is a google product and google gives more preferences to it in many ways i also describe the same thing on my blog wordpresskb

  2.  In my experience performance is more on the side of the webhost. WP isn’t really slow or heavy after a clean installation.

    TinyMCE isn’t intended for generating code. It’s best to use a feature like Advanced Custom Fields to really customize the backend to front end experience.

    The greatest flaw of WordPress in my opinion is that the CODEX is written for users at an intermediate level and is hard to comprehend for new developers.

    As for plugins and themes it’s buyer beware and I tend to code some of my own themes and plugins, I also test plugins and themes I want to use before putting them into production and create a backup just in case something breaks.

    Turing off automatic updates to avoid themes and plugins breaking is really dangerous idea unless you know what you’re doing.

    Konstantin Obenland mentioned during a WordCamp talk in Los Angeles that core developers work on a 80% philosophy when contributing to WordPress. The idea is that if 80% of users don’t find a feature useful it should not be included.

    I understand if this is TL:DR; but thanks for reading.