There are a number of WhatsApp Dare Hand Movement Messages going around in this forum and among the numerous ones, there is a new category known as the WhatsApp Dare Hand Movement, in which you have to Choose some hand movements and then you will be given the dare on the base of the proposals.

WhatsApp Dare Hand Movement
WhatsApp Dare Hand Movement

New WhatsApp Dare Choose a Hand Movement AnswerπŸ˜œβ€¦ Select any one …
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  1. You have to propose me
  2. You have to get a recharge of Rs.250 done for me.
  3. Your dare is to attend a movie with me.
  4. You have to feed me with your own hands.
  5. Make sure that you write my name in your status for at least 2 days.
  6. You have to hug me tightly
  7. Your dare is to send me ten photos of yourself.
  8. You have to write something for me in your status and keep it for an entire day.
  9. You have to go out with me
  10. Can you out my display picture instead of yours?
  11. Tell me one thing that you do not like about me
  12. Say β€˜i love you’ for three times and send me
  13. Send me a childhood picture of yours.

Let us see some of the other WhatsApp Dare hand movement so that we can indulge in some more fun!

1- ❀= Have a long distance relationship with someone.
2- πŸ‘†= Β Give someone another chance
3- πŸ’‹= Go for a long smooch with someone you love
4- 🍦= Give me an ice cream party
5- πŸ’=Β Make a friend with benefits
6- πŸ‘= With whom do you have true and best friendship?
7- 🎬= Go for a movie together with your spouse
8- πŸ‘―= Have a slow dance with me
9- πŸš—= Go for a long drive with someone
10- 🎀= Dedicate any song to me
11- πŸ’‘= Go on a date with me
12- 🚿= Enjoy a rain dance together
13- β™‹= Tell me who you want to make a passionate love with
14- πŸ‘«= Tell me I want to be your gf/ bf
15- β›„= Give me a big warm and tight hug
16- πŸ“= Write or recite a Shayari for someone you love
17- πŸ’= Tell someone, β€˜will you marry me?’
18- πŸ˜₯= Who do you want back in your life?
19- 🍻= Chill together with me
20- 🎁= Gift me something.
21- πŸ˜›= Try to do a prank with me
22- 🎽= Go on a shopping spree with me.
23- πŸ‘«= Be a lovely brother or a sister.

There is another dare named aΒ WhatsApp to dare 1-30. This is quite interesting as well. You have to choose a number and the number will be associated with the dare. Choose a number from 1 to 30 and then check out the answers below!

  • You have to go on a date with me
  • You have to give me an Ice cream treat
  • Send me the cutest picture that you have of yourself.
  • Give me a treat when you meet me next time.
  • The next time you meet me, you have to hug me.
  • Take my pic and make it your DP for the whole day
  • Record your voice saying you love me in three romantic manners and then send it to me.
  • Tell me about the kind of relation that you would want us to be.
  • Put up a status for an entire day saying β€˜I am mad’
  • Call me and declare my name in a loud voice.
  • Take your phone and delete my number.
  • Write your and my name together for one day.
  • Tell me about the feelings that you have about me.
  • Tell me something that you have always dreamt of telling me but you never could.
  • Tell me how you want me to change
  • How will you describe me in just six lines?
  • Do a Rs222 recharge on my number
  • Give me a movie treat the next time we meet.
  • Take me to a long drive
  • Dance on any song you like and take a video
  • Send me a very romantic audio.
  • Put my name in your status somehow.
  • Send me a pic of your very first crush
  • Take a picture of yourself and send it to me right now
  • Send me a picture of whatever you are wearing now.
  • Tell me what I am to you
  • Tell me about one of your deep dark secrets
  • Be my GF or bf for one day
  • Tell me something that you always wanted to say but you couldn’t
  • Tell me honestly about two of the negative points that you have noticed about me
  • Send me a picture of whatever it is you are doing now.

There is another number game that is going around in the WhatsApp. All you have to do is to choose your lucky number in between 1- 0 and then you can look up for the answers below. Be honest while choosing!

1 Tell me about the kind of relationship that you expect from me
2- Tell me something that you do not like about me
3-write any WhatsApp status about me
4- Call me and sing a song for me on call
5 tell me what you like the most in me
6- Rate me as a friend from 3 to 10
7- Do a 10/- recharge on my phone
8- Tell me about your actual relationship status
9- Tell me about the name of your boyfriend and girlfriend and describe the same.
Rate me in looks from a range of 1 to 99.

There are a lot of dareΒ in WhatsApp dares that can be immense fun to do among friends. And who knows, you can even get to hear some unexpected answers as well. So all you have to do is to gather dares such as that and then you can have the best time while chatting.

So get going and spread these WhatsApp dare hand movement.

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