6 Tips on How to Record a Video for Social Media

Filming a video is a time-consuming process. It can take up a lot of time when you walk around with your camcorder to cover different scenes. It may even put pressure on you if you are trying to update your social media with a new video. However, the process can be made easier when you make enough preparations. The following are 6 tips on how to record a video on PC for social media.

Determine the Video Topic

First, you must determine the topic of the video so that you know what to film. If not, you may waste time filming things that are unrelated to the video. Based on the video topic, write down what you want to film and make sure you know how to go to these places that you want to film. Or, if it is a screencast, write down the steps that you want to show people in the film and make sure you know how to perform these steps when the screen recorder starts recording. This will prevent you from making mistakes and cutting too many clips in the video.

Write a Script for Your Video

If you are not eloquent in talking in the video, you can write a script so that you know what to say. Try to write down only the points and form the sentences yourself when you are talking. That will make you seem more natural in your speech in the video. You may want to rehearse a few times until you can talk without looking at the script professionally before the actual recording.

Determine the Best Orientation for Your Video

Next, you must decide what format you want to record the social media video such as portrait, landscape, and square. The format that you choose depend on the audience. If your audience is mainly desktop users, it will be best to record the video in landscape format. Video sharing platform like YouTube will show black bars on a desktop computer if your video is in portrait. If you want your video to look good on YouTube, you should choose the landscape format.

However, if viewed on YouTube mobile app, the portrait video will not show any black border. Other social media that can publish portrait videos without any black border are Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Square videos can be published without black borders on certain social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

Customize Your Video for Those Who Will Turn Off the Sound

Many video consumers that use mobile phones will turn off the sound so make sure you add the subtitles to your video. You can type your own subtitles by using a video editor. The subtitles should be displayed in the native language of your main audience. The text should be big enough for reading and not contrast against the background. However, take care not to make the subtitles text too big so that it blocks the video content.

Get Ready the Right Video Recording Equipment

In addition, you need to have the right equipment to record your video. If you are on a budget, you can go for the lavalier microphone which you can clip to your shirt. A USB microphone is also cheap and it is great for use in recording a screencast with a screen recorder. The shotgun microphone allows you to record your voice within a distance from your camcorder tripod. The shotgun microphone also helps in minimizing the background noise.

If you’re making a video that shows mainly visual steps, you may no need to get a microphone. You also need to invest in basic lighting like a clamp light so that the video setting will appear bright. You need to get a good tripod that can support your camcorder weight is important. As for the camera, you can use your smartphone camera or buy a DSLR camera.

Get a Basic Video Editor

Finally, you will need to invest in editing software. It is troublesome to use an online video editor to edit your video as you have to upload your video and then download it back to your computer. Instead, just get a third party video editor. If you use a screen recorder to record your video, check to see if it gives you access to a free video editor for performing basic video editing tasks. It should also provide access to knowledge base tutorials that teach you how to record a video on PC. With a video editor, it will be handy for you to edit your own videos without having to hire a freelancer to edit them


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