Food is for the body, whereas music is for the soul. We love listening to music while working and it also serves as a method of relaxation. Unlike the past, where people had to go through a tough time to plug in the radio and listen to some songs, 21st century has seen a significant rise in the volume of music where we only have to plug in our headphone or connect our phones with the Bluetooth devices to listen to unlimited songs. Following are the Best Android App for Downloading Music on your Phone with no trouble at all.

Android App for Downloading Music on your Phone

  1. Google Play Music (Rating: 3.9): this default application comes with every Android phone supporting Google applications. It has a variety of songs for downloading and it is the best ad free app available in Google Play Store. You can customize your downloads according to the genre you prefer. They provide a variety of genre like rock, jazz, gazals, old classical, romantic, Bollywood, Pop and so much more.
  2. Gaana (Rating: 4.3): This music app is used particularly for streaming music. But recently they added the download section too. The only catch is that you cannot play the downloaded music via any other app other than Gaana itself. This music app is highly recommended if you are a Lover of Bollywood and Hindi Classical music. This app has a robust library based on this genre. One good method is to download songs directly from YouTube. And for that, Peggo iPhone and Android app may be useful.
  3. Hungama Music App (Rating: 4.2): this app has been around for several years and provides a broad range of music for downloading free for Android users. You can choose the preferred language like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telegu, English and so on. In their most recent update, they added a cool feature too where you can watch the official video of that song while listening to it. However, all the features of this android application are not available for free. You may have to subscribe on a monthly basis for enjoying the premium nonstop services provided by this application.
  4. Rock my Run (Rating: 4.3): if you are searching for an application more specific towards your needs, this is the application for you. This application has a library for pumping your soul and encouraging your spirit with its wide variety of rock, pop, Bass and Hip Hop songs. You can download the best music for working out. A study has shown that listening to rock music while working out encourages your spirit by 40%.
  5. Music Paradise Pro: this is a search engine based Android application where you can search, download and add it to the library. Although this application was suspended from the Google Play Store, you can still get a hold of the APK file available online. The annoying ad pop-ups are sometimes frustrating, but this application provides a variety of songs for downloading. You can play directly from this app. This application is not just restricted to downloading songs; you can download sound effects, short ringtones and much more.

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