Best Android Streaming Apps to Watch Movies
Best Android Streaming Apps to Watch Movies

We all have the worst times when we have nothing to do on a lazy Sunday. Relaxing is an option, but it becomes tedious to one point when you do not want to work, but at the same time you do not want to snooze anymore. That’s the time when you know you are craving for movies. Instead of dressing up and going outdoors, you can have your theater right at home in your hands. You can stream movies online with some of the Best Android Streaming Apps to Watch Movies.

Best Android Streaming Apps to Watch Movies for Free on Your Phone

  1. Hotstar (Rating 4.2): this application is an initiative of Indian developers where movies are available for watching. They offer the free trial in the first month. During free trials, you will be able to watch most of the movies, but not every movie is available. They are available only with the premium packages. They also provide various films and videos for download, and they possess the necessary legal rights required for downloading. This is one of the Best Android app to watch streaming movies.
  2. Showbox: this revolutionary app has changed the level of the online streaming world of movies. You can now watch high definition movies in your Smartphone, all for free. Even though it is not available in Google Play Store, this Android application has not dropped in its popularity. This application is not just restricted to Smartphone; you can share it via Chromecast to transfer it to a larger screen.
  3. Snag Films (Rating 3.7): this application has at least thousands of movies ranging from Hollywood, Korean, English, and African and Spanish films. This is Android apps for streaming movies free. They have various categories ranging from horror to romance and teen movies. This application is available in Google play store. This app too is not restricted to your phone only; you can play it on your tablet and share it via Chromecast to a larger screen.
  4. View Ster (Rating 3.4): this application is available for download in Google play store and provides a variety of specially selected movies and series available in high definition. They provide a large number of categories ranging from geeky documentaries, anime, gaming series to science fiction films. No immediate sign up is required in this app; you can start watching right away. You can even follow your favorite channels for further updates in your news feed and customize according to your preference. This app provides a series of handpicked movies and videos all around the web which you can add to ‘Watch later’ category for your convenience.
  5. Tubi TV (Rating 4.1): this application is available in Google Play store and has over 10 million downloads. Unlike Netflix, Tubi TV is free. The only catch is that they showcase commercials, but they are less frequent than cable. Movies and shows are added every week, so you will never run out things to watch. Tubi TV has the largest library of new movies having categories like action, drama, romance, comedy and so much more. So stream online whenever you want and never have the pangs of boredom again.

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