We love moving out of our nasty lives and spend some quality life with our near and dear ones. However, planning a trip is not at all an easy job to do. It comes with a lot of complications when it comes to situating the most refined hotels and travel spots along the location. The availability of apps has made things handy and thus, one can avail all the stuff at ease without any worry banging on the back of mind.

The Android applications and the invention of smart phones have made things way easy and the impact has been led over travel apps as well. These applications have become our favorite guides at each step of our regular works. We tend to keep our calorie tracker on while we go for walks and do our regular jobs, make calls, use social apps to keep in touch with people, track our time zones and make bookings or do shopping online. Even the cell phone carriers are offering attractive deals and discounts by providing Military & Veterans Cell Phone Discounts so that they can enjoy their favorite apps on their cellphones. Consequently, travel apps are too popular these days as they notify the users regarding the top deals and discounts available in tour packages, flight bookings and all. Most importantly, they help the travelers to keep a track with the weather predictions of different locations in next few days. WeatherBug comes with some amazing features in this regard where the users can learn the humidity presence, temperature, sunrise, sunset and all weather related information.

Best Android Travel Apps
Best Android Travel Apps

A list of Best Android Travel Apps is mentioned below by Android Hackers @ http://androidhackers.net/  that will guide every traveler to make their trip more enchanting:

  1. WeatherBug

It has some amazing features including the Doppler Radar effect that helps users know about the weather information of the place like temperature, UV index, and precipitation range. Other than the range of precipitation, Doppler Radar effect particularly enables users to trace the motion of thunderstorms and more.

  1. Splitter

Traveling outcomes with an additional headache regarding expenses. This app offers a platform where you can share costs if you are traveling in a group. It also makes currency conversions and records the payee and his or her payments.

  1. Live Trekker

It creates a digital journal of your travel and you can look at the multimedia diary filled with videos, texts, audios, route maps to track your adventures. You can look at it and recollect your memories in your years to come.

  1. App in the Air

This app updates users about the best air services and they can check their flight status using this app to track their take offs, boarding and check-ins as well as the landing time.

  1. Roomer

Getting this application will help you reach deep discounts on hotel rooms. This also has options that will help you sell your reservation on the app if you have canceled your trip in any case.

  1. Time Out

It presents the directory of activities that one can do around the location. It notifies you regarding the one-off happenings, concerts, bars, restaurants, hotels and more.

  1. Grab

If you have only a few minutes in hand before boarding a flight, this app will allow you to look at the airport restaurant menus and you can also choose to map them in the terminal or pick up your meal on the way to the gate.

  1. Velocity

It is basically a slick reservation app that provides a highly sorted collection of hottest restaurants along the area. You may also use it to pay your bills or split the total among your dining companions.

  1. AsYouStay

It is a Best Android Travel Apps that would guide you at the very last minute of your trip. It is particularly amended to upend the tradition of hotel stay by offering the flexibility to guests wherein they can choose their time of arrival and departure as per their conveniences.

  1. SoloTraveller

If you have been planning to hit the trip alone, this would be the perfect application that would help you choose like-minded people, thereby adding more thrill to your adventure. You may also plan sightseeing excursions, choose meals and share taxi fares by connecting to the travelers you meet in the way.

All these awesome apps together feature outstanding deals that will certainly influence your travel.

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