Blog Commenting Strategy For Bloggers That You Never Heard Before
Blog Commenting Strategy For Bloggers That You Never Heard Before

Blog Commenting Strategy For Bloggers That You Never Heard Before

Bloggers look for every possible way to share their posts with maximum people, build a strong blog community and bring traffic to their website.

While crafting the content they keep different aspects in mind like SEO, internal links, content quality, high-quality images, google maps rankingand more to keep their readers connected.

Besides the above points mentioned, Blog Commenting is another perfect way to get target visitors to your blog.

Bloggers can target relevant blogs that suit their niche or close to and share the experience with readers by adding values to a particular topic.

Let’s learn more about blog commenting.

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website. It also helps you to drive traffic to your website.

Just make sure you provide solutions to the reader’s problem in the comment section so that it will pull readers to your blog increasing your referral traffic.

Blog Commenting Helps To Improve Your Ranking 

You give plenty of time to write content for your blog, don’t you think it’s equally important to promote the content.

Of course, it’s equally important to share your content.

Once you share the content on other networks via blog commenting it helps you to drive traffic from other networks, increase your subscribers and more.

But How Blog Commenting can Improve your Rankings?

Blog commenting helps you to build quality backlinks that increase your site’s DA and PA.

Also when you build links on relevant blogs, the links are built either as do follow or no follow which impact your rankings. If the links are made as do follow, they will pass strong link juice to your website/blog and you will see improvement in your search engine rankings.

Do Not Over Look No-Follow Links

I am sure many of you have made up your mind that no-follow links do not pass the link juice. But that not absolutely right, no-follow links don’t stop you from building brand awareness and presenting you in front of the right person at the right time.

But you know what, even getting a no-follow link from a high authority site will still pass some link juice and of course branding is there as always.

So it all counts at the end. Don’t miss.

False Blog Commenting Consequences:

Before diving into implementing a strategy you should always be aware of its consequences.

Remember blog commenting can be fun and effective. If you follow or break simple rules you would definitely be marked as spam (which means your comments won’t be approved). Rules here like you should not be annoying, jump into self-promotion or posting irrelevant comments.

So pay attention to what you are commenting on and sharing.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

Following are the benefits of blog commenting:

  • Direct traffic to your blog – Whether you make no-follow or do-follow links, if your comment is genuine you will gain traffic to your website.
    Never miss grabbing reader’s attention by posting a generous comment on high-profile blogs related to your niche. Remember, most bloggers focus on posting content but only a few focus on promoting it. It’s up to you to drive traffic at the end of the day.
  • Brand awareness – If you strategize your comment structure by adding desired keywords you can for sure gain visibility and add value to your comment and business.
  • Build relationships that help you grow social followers – This is a very interesting factor of blog commenting. Readers do read the comments section below to see what people think of a particular post and what are their feedback.
    If you are on the list with an informative comment that adds value to that particular post you would grab the reader’s attention and get a follower.

How Should I Strategize Blog commenting?

Don’t worry it’s not that difficult to strategist before blog commenting. Bloggers only need to take care of few things like the network on which you are commenting, check the site’s DA and PA, is the comment section do-follow or no-follow, Keyword Luv Enabled, Comment Luv Enabled, etc.

I would recommend you to go for Comment Luv enabled blogs. It has many benefits like:

  • Comment Luv Enabled blogs mostly provide do follow backlinks.
  • When someone posts a comment on your site Comment Luv attempts to find their latest blog post and add the title and link to the bottom of their comment.

I have seen and met people who ask me that how to find the similar niche blogs for commenting. So, here I have got some list of tools for you to save your time.

Tools To Find Similar Niche Blogs For Blog Commenting

Most of the tools listed below also have a free version and I use them for myself. I especially love, the reason being Feedly is very easy to use and organized. You can create different categories and keep track them together.

Here are few more tools for you:

  • SimilarSite Search – You can search by URL, Keywords or by both. You do not have to create an account to use this service.
  • Link Searching – It’s a complete Free SEO link building tool for finding free backlinks. No need to create an account here you can enter the keyword and hit search. Using this tool you can search several options like Forum posting, Blog Commenting, Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Guest Blogging, .edu or .gov backlinks, etc.
  • Buzzsumo – Enter a domain or topic to search. You’ll get the best results where you can view the backlinks and shares of that particular domain or topic.

You can also try and for Backlinks.

Final Thoughts!

I hope the above facts, benefits and Blog Commenting Strategy will help you in branding and driving traffic. If followed correctly and regularly, you will surely see improve in your SERPs.

Do let me know what other Blog Commenting Strategy you follow.

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  1. Thanks being specific with your explanation of why blog commenting is important! I am a member of so many different blogging Facebook groups that prompt members to comment on other blogs. Including keywords in a comment is my favorite tip!

  2. You are correct, I had never heard of this strategy but it makes a lot of sense. I had always thought of comments as a way to support other bloggers but never considered that it could be helpful to my own blog. Thank you for this very helpful post! I will definitely use this information in the near future.

  3. It should also be pointed out that the commenters should be putting some thoughts into the comments that they are about to make.
    For example, if a blogger takes part in campaigns with brands and sponsors, PR companies tend to visit a blog and go straight to the comments section. If the comments all say “great post” and things to that effect then the PR’s don’t bother to work with them. So, as a result of that, I delete useless comments for my craft blog.


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