4 Best Types of Blogging Tools for Beginners, You Should Be Using Today
4 Best Types of Blogging Tools for Beginners, You Should Be Using Today

Being a blogger is hard work that requires a lot of time and dedication. The good news is that technology is making our lives easier in every way. There’s a variety of Blogging Tools for Beginners that can help you create better posts, manage your blog more effectively, and monitor topics trending with your audience. Using these solutions is a must for any blogger who wants to stand out today as they will truly make a difference in the way you run this business.

4 Best Types of Blogging Tools for Beginners, You Should Be Using Today

  • Tools that Improve Writing

Grammarly, Power Thesaurus, and OneLook Thesaurus are the tools you should pay most attention to in this category. Grammarly is a fantastic helper that will boost the quality of your texts by finding and fixing all grammatical and spelling errors. A premium account with this app will also unlock style and tone analysis and improvement suggestions.

Power Thesaurus is the tool any writer needs if they want to sound sophisticated and original. OneLook Thesaurus is also good, but not as much. It does, however, have a fantastic Reverse Dictionary feature that will help you find the perfect word for anything.

  • Tools for Blog Scaling

Acrolinx and BrightEdge are the best tools for bloggers in this group. Do note that these solutions are mostly used by big blogs and businesses that want to expand theirs. Their main goal is to make the content coming from different sources (writers) homogeneous and meeting the same standards of quality and formatting.

Bear in mind that when you are ready to scale, you must think about whether your server can deal with the load. That would still not be too late to go directly to CP Technologies and get a system which actually would bear the load. This might be the time for you to switch to a better hosting, like the one from https://www.akeaweb.com/accessibility-consulting/. HostGator is one of the more affordable services for bloggers that offers plenty of opportunities for growth and great discount coupons.

As to the Scaling Tools for Bloggers, Acrolinx can be used by those who run websites with multiple content contributors. It will ensure not only the formatting and style are up to your standards. It will also help manage topics so all your writers stay on the same page, no matter where they are located.

BrightEdge is a great help for content formatting automation. But it also offers helpful analysis features and can help find the types of content that will work best for your particular blog.

  • Tools for Finding Topics

No matter how well-written your post is, creating it is a waste of time if your audience isn’t interested in its topic. That’s why it’s essential to use Blog Topic Generation Tools that will help you find what’s trending with different groups of readers. Scepter Marketing services allow businesses grow through the use of cutting-edge Internet marketing solutions and strategies.

Crayon will help you find out what your competitors are writing about as well as analyze data from hundreds of online sources and keep you informed on what the ‘hottest’ topics are today. HubSpot also offers a selection of helpful tools, such as Content Strategy and Blog Ideas Generator.

  • Tools for Boosting Personal Productivity

Of all the types of Blogging Tools for Beginners, this one is the most underappreciated. However, it can help you find more time to dedicate to your blog and improve your personal organizational skills. The latter is necessary for increasing your productivity and therefore the quality of your posts.

These tools come in many forms. There are timers, like E.gg or Tomato, which help with time management on a personal and professional level. There are also solutions like Trello and Evernote that help you manage information, research, notes, and drafts. There’s also Trevor, which is sort of like your digital PA run by AI. It can keep you on track and coordinate your tasks to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Online plagiarism checker is also a useful tool at this stage.

Research these options carefully and test as many solutions as you can to see which will fit you personally.

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