WordPress is among the most widely used content management systems (CMS). It is a powerful CMS that allows you to develop a wide range of websites. At times, a small tweak can result in an error. And sometimes an error may appear out of the nowhere. The good thing about this WordPress is that it is not too difficult to find a solution to any error. Here are 4 common WordPress errors that you can fix yourself.

4 Most Common WordPress Errors with Their Solutions
4 Most Common WordPress Errors with Their Solutions

4 Most Common WordPress Errors with Their Solutions

1. Fix WordPress White Screen of Death

If your WP site isn’t working properly and someone visits it, it may display a blank screen in place of the content. The underlying issues can range from database errors to plugin errors.

You can Fix WordPress White Screen of Death this error using the following methods:

This is one of the most common causes of the White Screen of Death WordPress error. And the solution is to deactivate the plugin that is causing the error.

Follow these steps to Fix WordPress White Screen of Death this error:

  • Log into your server using an FTP client
  • Navigate to the directory containing WP files
  • Open wp-content
  • Open the plugins folder
  • Locate the plugin that you tweaked just before the WSOD error occurred
  • Right click on the plugin and choose the ‘delete’ option
  • Another option is to rename the plugin
  • Open the browser and refresh your site

If you do not know which plugin may be causing the error, you should deactivate and reactivate all the plugins. A plugin may be out of date or an update may have some compatibility issues with the WP backend. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the directory containing WP files
  • Open wp-content folder
  • Rename the plugins folder
  • Log into the WP dashboard to check your site. When the WSOD error vanishes, it means that the error is caused by one of the plugins.
  • Rename the plugins folder back to ‘plugins’
  • All the plugins will appear on the WordPress Plugins page.
  • Reactivate each plugin one by one (all the plugins will be inactive)
  • Check your website every time you reactivate a plugin

Once you find the plugin that is causing the error, delete it from the plugins folder.

Some of the other causes of the WSOD error include a caching plugin, corrupt files, or a server issue. This is why you need to get the best wordpress hosting.

2. Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

This is another Common WordPress Errors that commonly occurs in WordPress. It usually occurs when you are editing your website and the sidebar shifts and moves below the content. This is caused due to any of the three errors:

  • Error in the HTML code
  • Error in the CSS code
  • A plugin interferes with your WordPress site’s layout
  • Incompatible customizations or content from a previous theme

You can Fix the Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress using the following tips:

  • If only the pages get affected: Check the different page files including page.php
  • If the error appears on all the blog posts: Check the file named single.php
  • If pages created by a plugin get affected: The error is with the specific plugin or a theme that has the plugin
  • If an error occurs on a page where custom HTML/CSS is added: Check the customizations
  • If you made changes to the theme: Take a backup of your website, remove all the changes to the theme, create a child theme, and make the customizations

3. Fix Error Establishing a Database Connection

There are many reasons why WordPress may be unable to fix a database connection. Here are some of the reasons noted down below:

  • The database login details are incorrect
  • The database server may not be responding
  • The database may have become corrupt

The error may also occur due to other reasons. You can Fix the Error Establishing a Database Connection by checking the following:

  • WP-Config file: This is an important file and it carries information about WordPress connecting to your database. If the database user password or root password has been changed, this file will also have to be changed. So check the wp-config.php file to see if everything is the same or changed.
  • Error at the Web Host end: Sometimes the error establishing database connection occurs due to issues at the server end. One common cause is the sudden increase in web traffic. The host server may not have the resources to handle the increased traffic. The website can slow down and many users can see the error message. Reaching your web host should help in fixing this error.

4. Fix a WordPress Site Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Usually, changes from maintenance mode to online website take a few seconds and are never even noticed. At times you may get stuck with the maintenance mode due to an underlying cause such as:

  • The browser tab is accidentally closed during an automatic update
  • When you attempt to automatically update several plugins or themes simultaneously
  • Incompatibility issue

Whenever WP gets into the maintenance mode, it creates a file called ‘.maintenance’ inside the root folder. Follow these steps to fix this Common WordPress Errors:

  • Use an FTP client to connect to the server
  • Locate the ‘.maintenance’ file
  • Delete this file

Follow the simple steps and you can have your website up and running again without the errors. You should also clear the cache on your site. This can be done from within the admin toolbar of your dashboard.

What have you tried the above-mentioned steps to fix the specific error that seemed to work for you?

If you are unable to determine the root cause of the error or if you are unable to fix the error, you should consider installing WordPress again.

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