Could Your Garage Benefit From POS Technology

In the past, garages used cash registers that couldn’t do much more than print receipts and hold money. Today, POS systems are becoming the norm in order to handle the large number of products a typical shop carries. And that’s the least you will get out of using garage POS software.

Normally, a POS system consists of hardware and software used during the checkout process. This includes not only software that tracks credit and debit card readers and transactions, but also the computer system.

When you use a good POS system for your garage, every aspect will be tracked for future reports with the help of free tools that are use to generate an invoice. Information like who rung up the items sold or who bought what becomes easily accessible. This information is very valuable, because it can be used for marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, or simply to make your accounting tasks easier.

Benefits of a POS System for your Garage –

The right POS system is simple, flexible, and user-friendly. It supports both online and offline operations. Your clients can also buy items at your garage and have them delivered to a given address. Rollover balances are supported, ensuring your loyal customers are more satisfied than ever.

Inventory Management

Employees can quickly log in to the system using a unique PIN that a system admin assigns. The unique Business Intelligence feature of most modern systems offers real-time reporting in the form of legible, well-designed charts and graphs. You can track stock levels, create purchase orders, and generate reports on top selling services. You will always know what items are available and keep your customers’ favorite products in stock to increase loyalty and satisfaction.

Customizable product attributes like size and color make selling quick and simple. You can also create add-ons that make it possible to upsell any service. All you do is tap the icon.

Device Management

Detailed reporting features help garage owners keep tabs on all their devices operating the software. This way you can process credit card transactions from your computer, iPhone, or iPad. You can use the system’s payment processor to take advantage of the lowest rates.

Receive And Update Inventory

A POS system will update your inventory count automatically as new items are supplied. This way, you can rely on full accuracy. Add a USB scanner to your PC or a Bluetooth scanner to your mobile device for this purpose.

PCI and EMV Compliant

When choosing a POS for your garage, make sure it is EMV and PCI compliant. Transactions are fully encrypted. The software also tracks employees’ hours and lets them clock in and out.

Hybrid System

Some POS systems are web-based (cloud), while others are locally installed. Hybrid ones are both. A hybrid POS means it will still work even if the Internet is down. We wouldn’t accept cards without an Internet connection because it might not be possible to authorize credit card payments if you don’t have Internet access. Good systems work perfectly with all retail establishments. Actually, most of their integrations are aimed specifically at the service industry.

Benefits of Ecommerce Software

This software lets you sell products and services like consulting online. Whenever you buy or sell something online, you’re involved in ecommerce. Ecommerce software enables garage owners to fulfill orders, add and remove products, process payments, and so on.

Types of ecommerce software

Software as a service. This solution is more hands-off because all updates, new features, and patches are applied automatically.

On-premise. A team will manage on-premise software on a local server or computer.

With e-commerce software, you start an online business fast. Most ecommerce software provides a user-friendly website builder for creating online stores. You need to add product descriptions, prices, and images, and you’re ready to sell online.

Global market for your products. A POS system lets you reach anyone anytime from anywhere.

Open 24/7

One of the biggest benefits of ecommerce, which is facilitated by a POS system, is that your garage is available all the time. Your staff’s schedule or your physical location do not limit you. An ecommerce system guarantees full automation so you don’t need to monitor your garage.

Cost Effective

Unlike a traditional shop, ecommerce software doesn’t make you rent expensive space in a prime location and hire staff. You just pay monthly for an ecommerce system, which cuts costs and maximizes profit.

Accounting Features

Reliable POS systems come with accounting software with specific features, such as support and integrated inventory management. A garage owner or manager would also need core accounting to keep detailed and accurate records of expenses, financial accounts, cash flow, taxes, income statements, and other financial information.


POS systems combine the flexibility of a cloud platform with the power of desktop. You can use it on your computer and avail of a cloud component to store and provide backup for your data anywhere and at any time. The software is perfect for small and medium service providers. It offers tools to automate accounting processes and a number of other features.

The right POS can enhance your platform with a few add-ons such as payroll system, credit card processing, and communication and office tools. Major suppliers of ERP systems in the world have millions of satisfied customers! The right POS would be an excellent solution to your accounting issues.

Sales-Optimized Accounting Software

With the right POS, garages can quickly come up with offers or quotes, track all existing customers and improve the conversion rate in terms of potential ones. These will be transformed into sales orders and cash instantly. Your garage gains momentum with this fast process.

Full Views

At-a-glance system dashboards provide a full view of key metrics, so if you want to get the info you need about your garage, there is no need to go through hidden menus and buttons anymore. The key metrics that are fully viewable thanks to the dashboards include sales performance, expenses, revenue trends, receivables, available cash, and more.


These are just some of the benefits of getting a POS for your garage. Don’t wait – the future is now!


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