Advantages and Disadvantages of Nokia 3310
Advantages and Disadvantages of Nokia 3310

Nokia officially launched Nokia 3310 smartphone. We have shared Advantages of Nokia 3310 and Disadvantages of Nokia 3310, Price, Features and Much More

Remember how we used to joke about the fact that the main perk of being a 90’s kid was to get hold of a Nokia 3310 which the kids of today would never see? Well, Nokia proved us yet another time as it brought about the Nokia 3310 in its new avatar and it is definitely worth a try. But before you leap for the same, let us have a look at the things that have changed so far and how it is affecting the users. So we will discuss the Pros of Nokia 3310 and the Cons of Nokia 3310 so that you can decide for yourself.

Features of Nokia 3310

The main features of this phone consists of a display of about 2.40incles, resolution of 240*320 pixels, storage capacity of 16MB, rear camera of 2MP and a battery capacity of 1200mAh

Advantages of Nokia 3310

  • Primary Camera- Ok this is an amazing thing because Nokia 3310 was not the kind of a phone that was known for its camera. But now with the help of the Led flash, you can have the pictures even in the low light – so this is a plus point for Nokia 3310.
  • Dual SIM- Unlike the earlier version, this phone has dual SIM capacity so that you can use two numbers in a simultaneous manner.
  • Expandable memory- This phone has a memory slot which can be extended up to 32GB so that you can store a lot of data in there. So that is one feature that we are definitely looking forward to.
  • Colorful than before- The earlier handset used to be of a single color- but the new set comes in four different colors like the Warm Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, and Grey. So you can choose whichever you like to.
  • Enjoy the games, the audio, and the FM features- All three of them were not present in the earlier phone at all and that is why you will love this set with all these added features.

Disadvantages of Nokia 3310

  • Poor Quality of Image- The camera of the Nokia is not so great and that is the reason why you will not be satisfied with the kind of image that you will be getting – especially if you had been using a phone with a good camera. You are sure to be uncomfortable with the image quality.
  • Horrible browser- In this phone, you get to have the Opera Mini which is really very slow and that is why you would not like to browse the net using this. So if you want to have something else than the fundamental cell phone features, then you will be in for a huge disappointment. Also, it does not have any Wi-Fi so you cannot take any network sharing procedure.

Nokia 3310 Price: Rs. 3,299

In a nutshell, we would like to say that the Nokia 3310 has definitely turned up in the newest form and is the one that has been liked by one and all, but it has a number of pros and cons as we have listed.

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So what do you think- is this phone worth a buy in your opinion?  

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  1. The price would be a concern. Well, if you are a Nokia fan ( as most of us of our generation are) you can definitely give it a try for the nostalgia that it is associated with. It can be a great companion as a secondary phone. But, if you want it as a primary phone, you may need to give it a second thought. There are many alternatives available and you will feel that you have made a wrong decision once the initial excitement wears out.
    A good unbiased review indeed!


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