51 thousand rupees for a Samsung Galaxy S5 which is biggest Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung hit an axe on their foot by pricing it so high. I have noted down Some Disadvantages of this S5 phone .

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S5

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S5: 

  • Not worth the price!
  • Samsung doesn’t maintain their flagship user’s standards
  • No Premium Looks
  • Design : Looks like same as Samsung S4 nothing more special. Samsung Galaxy S5 Look like phone of 10-12K.
  • No 4G : So. now his is enough from Samsung, no LTE support even on 50k
  • Snapdragon Processor Avoided
  • RAM: It has 2gb ram which is low as xperia z2 and lg a pro 2 both have
    3gb ram
  • Heating Issue : This issue is common, by several high-end devices of Samsung, and this phone have octa-core Processor. so more heat. 
  • Same Old Curve design Presented with little-bit change, is this a joke in Rs 50,000/-
  • Heavily involved Touch Wiz interface is likely to delay the release of updates


Main Advantages of the S5:

  • Slightly Bigger screen and battery
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • IP67 Certified – dust and water resistant
  • USB 3.0 port
  • User replaceable battery
  • Micso SD slot
  • Better camera at 16 MP
  • Plethora of features like Heart rate sensor, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll, Air View, Air Gestures, IR remote, etc

The phone overall is very good, But there is lack of few critical features like 4G (LTE), FM, etc. The correct price of this phone should have been less than R.s 35000, which is the price of the 4G (LTE) Snapdragon model in the international market.

Buy a motorcycle instead of this, or buy a IPhone. Good luck, Avoid these crappy things from Samsung. 


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