Find a Whatsapp Group you deleted
Find a Whatsapp Group you deleted

No way to get back into the Whatsapp Group you deleted by Mistake. The WhatsApp app randomly assigns the control of the Whatsapp Group to one of the Group members.

Find a Whatsapp Group you deleted by Mistake

Unluckily, there is no choice to get back the control of your Whatsapp group until and unless the current Whatsapp group owner adds you in your group and then transfer the ownership of the group to you back.

If you can’t see Your Whatsapp Group Chats then You should Follow these below Easy and Quick Steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp app
  • Now Go to the Settings
  • Then Go to Chats
  • Click on Chat Backup
  • Now Check on which Date you Saved the Last backup of your WhatsApp chats
  • Now Uninstall Whatsapp App and Again Install
  • Now it will prompt you to Restore Backup Data which is there in Mobile Memory or in Memory card Space
  • You Will get Your Whatsapp Group Conversation Back in your Chats
  • Now Contact the Whatsapp Group Admin who is assigned by Whatsapp automatically
  • Tell him to transfer the ownership of the group back to you.

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