Hi Friends, The First Interview comes from Lasya K from alltop9 blog
Lasya K is a Blogger from Tirupati. I am very glad to her as she gave her precious time to me for the interview. She is really a nice person of great caliber and I loved to interview her.

Interview with Lasya K
Interview with Lasya K

First Interview with Lasya K from Alltop9 Blog

Interview with Lasya K

1.Everyone knows about Lasya who made 46 Adsense Approvals In A Month but tell us about your life before entering into Blogging?

Firstly thanks for having me here. I feel very much honored. I just finished my engineering and turned as a full-time blogger and internet marketing. I am more of an Internet Marketer now rather than a blogger. Basically, I am a very enthusiastic person and would love to take part in almost all activities since childhood either it might be Study, Sports, Games, Dance, Painting etc. I used to participate in all the competitions and use to win the prizes in all the aspects and later I use to go to the other interest or task. So, getting a good knowledge up to a level and later will concentrate on the other task. This enthusiasm towards learning new stuff has introduced me to blogging. I was an active member of few facebook groups two years back which was related to Technology. In that group, I met Imran and he introduced me to Blogging after which everything has changed.

Then I started exploring different things like creating Facebook pages, developing them, working as a content writer etc. Then I came up with an idea to start a blog of my own with the help of my friends. Then I started a blog on blogger platform called www.alltop9.com in the memory of my 9 best friends. This blog has helped me to learn many things related to blogging. In this process to get Adsense approval I was following different tactics to get Adsense approval. Then I explored all the tactics and mastered how to get Adsense approval quickly in a genuine way(No black hat tactics involved).

2. How you got to the idea of starting alltop9.com website?

Well, its been my dream come true. I always wanted to start a site that deals with most trendy topics like Make money, Technology, Blogging, Education etc. So, it is difficult to build to number of blogs at a time when I am a newbie. For that reason, I thought to keep all the stuff in one website and then got an idea to keep the stuff of all top trending in one website and from this All Top 9 is came up. All top 9 deals with 9 trending categories with All Top 10 stuff.

3. What should be sufficient to call you, a blogger or an Adsense Goddess?

LOLZ! Instead, I would prefer to be called as an Entrepreneur or Internet Marketer because I do lot many things other than Blogging or Adsense related stuff.

4. According to you, what is the main cause of site getting Banned from Adsense?

The main cause is people don’t follow T&C if AdSense. Adsense had simple rules and I do mention in my case study in alltop9.com.

what mistakes generally people do in terms of AdSense few main things are added here.

1. Have patience and read terms and conditions/rules to be followed for getting an Adsense account.
2. Make sure you maintain good post frequency with unique and related content.
3. Don’t do link exchanges with other sites or don’t overdo the link building.
For more rules and minor changes go through the case study that I have written.

  • 5. Where do you spend more of your time, in writing blog or on promotion?

Firstly, I always focus on content. Content is always the king but you should let the people know that you have great content. This is where promotional strategies come into a picture. I use social media for promoting my content. I also prefer other content marketing strategies like Making videos, infographics, and ppts.

6. How have you felt when you got 46 Adsense approval? Which efforts you have used to get those approvals?

I am very happy that 46+ people got benefited with my efforts. Making others happy makes me happy. But time is always a constraint. In this process, I might have ignored few people and didn’t get Adsense approval for few because I have to do my work as well.

Getting Adsense approval has become an easy task for me. For this reason, I also started a blog dedicated to an Adsense tips and tricks to make some good money with AdSense called www.lasyak.com. In the next upcoming month, I will be focusing more on this blog rather than my other blogs.

7. What is your future plan for your blog?

As I said I do have some plans for my existing blog. I will just keep it pushing stronger day by day. But if you want me to speak about my upcoming blog I have many things in mind. I want to make it the best place for bloggers who use Adsense as their source of income from blogging. I will make video tutorials, live hangouts, infographics, ppts etc. The upcoming blog www.lasyak.com is my next big project and want to do it on a big scale with the team I have right now.

8. Any advice for the Young bloggers out there?

Analyze the facts of your life and take a decision which gives you years of life but that should not spoil your years of life.

Never worry about success or failure because ups and downs are common in everyone life. So, if first attempt is failure think that there is next step of success.

I hope Guys you liked the interview. Please comment below.

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  1. Wow! an inspiring girl to all our youngsters and recently seen her in DECCAN CHRONICLE and really an awesome girl and really she is one among the hundred as mentioned in DC. Really proud of her and her PARENTS are blessed to have a child like her.

  2. Congratulations Lasya K. And really All Top 9 is an awesome website and i am regular reader to your blog. Adsense Goddess is the name that you deserve it. Go forward with excellent skills and success. Thank you Akshay for giving us such an inspiring interview from a great blogger.

  3. Congratulations and even she helped me to get adsense without taking any money from me. One of the genuine and TOP BLOGGER. Proud to know that FEMALE blogger succeeded in this age. Good Day and Happy Friendship Day to all. 🙂

  4. Good to see u lasya…….one of my favorite and inspiring bloggers…….:)Hope u have a bright future ahead…. Gud luck for ur career…..:)


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