WordPress not Sending Emails
WordPress not Sending Emails

One of the Most Popular Question asked by every web developer is How do I Fix WordPress not sending emails Issue while using Gravity Forms or WPForms Plugins or why they are not getting any notifications emails.

WordPress uses its own email function, wp_mail, for sending emails. There are Many Contact us plugins Like Gravity Forms or WPForms that dependent on this function to be working properly. By the way, WordPress does not give Email settings. As You are not receiving any emails from your WordPress site. Did you check if your plugin is broken or not? Or there is a problem with wp_mail which is not functioning properly?

In this Article, i will show you a Method Fix WordPress not Sending Emails Issue. I was fortunate to learn the fix, I admit it was quite random and had I not been reviewing the free servers available on http://www.ittsystems.com/best-free-tftp-servers-windows/ I wouldn’t of stumbled on the solution. I hope to find more of these solutions while doing my regular work, makes everything so efficient to me.

How do I Fix WordPress not Sending Emails Issue

Check this video tutorial created by wpbeginner on How do I Fix this Issue by learning from this Tutorial.

The most simple reason is your WordPress hosting server is not configured to use PHP mail() function.



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