After the new changes that have been brought forward by the WhatsApp founders, there has been a huge talk about the kind of things that they are doing and the frequent question is ‘What are the Founders of WhatsApp doing now’? Well, if you have the same questions as well, then let us tell you about the things that they are possibly doing. So we will probe deeper into this matter so that you can have an idea about the same.

Founders of WhatsApp
Founders of WhatsApp

What are the Founders of WhatsApp doing now?

  • You might not believe the fact that though WhatsApp seems to be a pretty simple application, yet it is not that easy to be created and many believe in the fact that the founders of WhatsApp are working in Facebook in order to upgrade this application for the better. The founder Jan Koum has made all the possible efforts in order to make Facebook Whatsapp absolutely free for the users so that more and more people can make perfect use of the same. Though there had been talk about WhatsApp being chargeable, after that, the results came out to be absolutely opposite.
  • Then again the encryption– The founders are working on the extensive use of encryption when it comes to the WhatsApp text messages. This is because of the fact that earlier on there was not an end to end encryption in case of the chats and that left them vulnerable to be leaked in any other forum. But as for now, there is strict encryption which is a safeguard against the texts and they are also making the amends in order to make the encryption better so that it can be rendered as a safer forum.
  • The founders have not stopped working on this Application just as Facebook did not stop its up-gradation. According to them, just because you are a billionaire does not mean that you will have to stop working. That is the main reason why WhatsApp has never stopped upgrading itself and there is no stopping it from getting better and better. Yes, there have been some changes that have been accounted as ‘not so great’ but then, these trial and error methods are the ones that have made it so perfect till date.
  • It is said that the estimated worth of the property of Jan Koum is about $6.8 billion and that is a lot as compared to the days when he had to leave his home with his family for the lack of funds. He is now having a pleasurable time with his friends and family and also working for the betterment of the application so that it can be more effective for the users out there.

Zuckerberg on WhatsApp acquisition

What are the changes that have been brought forward so far?

Since the starting of WhatsApp, there have been a lot of changes that have been brought around. This is because of the fact that earlier on there used to be just a mobile application but then again it got upgraded to the Web WhatsApp- and after that, it could be used by the PC and laptop as well.

Then again, there was the up-gradation of the dual SIM WhatsApp and it got viral because now an individual could have parallel WhatsApp accounts and that is indeed amazing.

WhatsApp was earlier on, used by the Android users only. But after the up-gradation of the same, it could be used by the Windows as well as the Mac users as well.

What happened after the WhatsApp acquisition of Facebook?

Founders of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Brian Acton and Jan Koum
WhatsApp Brian Acton and Jan Koum

After the signing of the paperwork, both the team members celebrated together with a bottle of Cristal that was uploaded by an employee.

  • Just a few days after the takeover, Both Koum and Brian Action went off to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. There they also met with the mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias.
  • There Koum also celebrated both the acquisition as well as his birthday in a party filled with ultimate paparazzi in a club named as Boujils.
  • Even when he has become a billionaire, he asked Facebook to close the deal before his trip to Barcelona as he did not want to miss the flight. This shows that he has not forgotten his early days of struggle and still bears those memories. No wonder he is such a down to earth person!
  • Koum says that he does not believe in gaining a lot of wealth– instead, all he has ever believed in is to focus on making his product better and worthwhile as well.
  • Not only that, but he is also very serious philanthropy as he donated a bulk amount of $556 to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.
  • Jan Koum was the kind of a person who started the WhatsApp with Brian Action right from scratch. Though the journey was not at all an easy one, WhatsApp started gaining popularity and soon became viral for all the users. This is because it was free and the user interface was easy to be used up. Recently the status update has been changed in a drastic way and it has been inspired by Snapchat. But then WhatsApp has changed for the better and the security has been tightened for the shared chats and messages as well. Mr. Koum’s rags to riches story are definitely one of the most inspiring stories to date and his philanthropy is the mark of the fact that he will continue to be the most inspiring one of the lot. Currently, his main motto is to work for the betterment of the application with full gusto so that there are no loopholes for complaints on behalf of the users.

We hope you have got an answer to the eminent question, “What are the founders of WhatsApp doing now?”

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