GetResponse Review
GetResponse Review

GetResponse Review 2018

What is one of the most common mistakes among those promoting their brand or products through online advertising? They don’t direct their campaigns to a highly focused landing page. Instead, many direct their ad or email campaigns to their homepage.

GetResponse Review: Your All-in-One Marketing Platform

GetResponse has emerged as a groundbreaking all-in-one email marketing and marketing automation solution that gives you all the tools in one place. Whether it’s creating landing pages for each and every campaign, delivering the right message at the right time in the sales funnel using autoresponders or boost your conversion rates with webinars, this marketing program has everything, check the king kong marketing reviews to find more.

  • Create Emails in Minutes
  • Easy Landing Page Builder
  • Superior Customer Support
  • 500+ Newsletter Templates
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • From $15/month
  • Scalable performance

This GetResponse review gives you all the reasons why this platform should be the perfect all-in-one online marketing tool for your business.

Email Marketing Platform

GetResponse allows you to create and deliver engaging and personalized emails that are compatible with any device.

The key features of its email marketing platform are as following:

  • Segment Subscribers: GetResponse’s advanced segmentation features allow you to segment your list into groups having similar attributes. You can then send relevant messages to each group. Segmentation can be done on the basis of many factors including geolocation, engagement levels, date/source of subscription and other custom data.
  • Optimized Delivery: The Perfect Timing feature allows you to reach your audience with your message at the right time – when they are most active. This boosts open and engagement levels. The Time Travel Feature ensures your messages reach subscribers at the right time in their time zone.
  • 99% Deliverability Rate: GetResponse has trusted and reputed deliverability status. It has among the highest deliverability rates of 99% in the industry.
  • Create Rich & Compelling Content: This platform offers a simple drag-and-drop editor to create professional-looking emails. Choose from more than 500 professionally designed templates and 1,000 iStock images to create stunning emails. HTML Creator is also available for advanced users.
  • Autoresponders: If you want to increase your earnings, you will need a system that can work on its own. GetResponse’s autoresponder feature puts your marketing communication in auto mode.
  • Mobile Preview: With the in-editor mobile preview feature, you can check your messages even before you send them. This ensures that the emails appear perfectly on the recipient’s device screen.

  • Track & Optimize: GetResponse provides an easy-to-use analytics dashboard from where you can keep track of all message activities including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and sharing. It is powered by real-time activity tracking so that you can make changes instantly.

This email marketing platform also allows you to add dynamic content to your emails. This means you can address subscribers by their name while also including their details.


GetResponse provides total webinar marketing solution to boost your engagement and conversion rates. It is, in fact, the first email marketing service that offers a complete webinar marketing solution.

  • Instant Webinar Setup: It takes not more than 3 minutes schedule a webinar. Customize webinar URL, choose flexible schedule options, restrict using password access, or even secure sing SLL-encrypted URLs.
  • Send High-converting Reminders: Nurture your leads using reminders. The platform offers free webinar invitation templates and reminders. You can schedule and control when and how many reminders are received by the subscribers.
  • GetResponse Webinars App: This app allows all attendees to join the webinar anytime on their iOS or Android device. Stream audio/video, record webinars, interact with attendees using text chat, screen sharing, and polls and engage them using the interactive whiteboard, videos, and presentations.
  • Social Media Sharing: You can also announce your webinar by sharing on social media with just one click.
  • Follow-up: Nurture the attendees and registrants with follow-up campaigns to boost customer relationships. Create time/action-based autoresponders within GetResponse Webinars.

The platform also lets analyzing reports for optimization in the future.

Landing Pages

As already mentioned, a marketing campaign without a landing page doesn’t help you achieve the desired goals. GetResponse offers all the resources so that you can easily create elegant, high-converting and professional-looking landing pages.

  • Mobile-ready Templates: Choose from hundreds of responsive landing page templates. Create a wide range of professional-looking landing pages including sales pages, download pages, opt-in pages, and promotional pages to boost conversion. Access to GetResponse’s 1000+ iStock images further allows you to create custom and unique landing pages.
  • Simple Drag & Drop Editor: Anyone with basic IT skills can customize the landing page templates using a simple drag-and-drop editor. The landing pages can be published on GetResponse’s subdomain or you may also select other domains.
  • A/B Testing: Choose the best-performing design by conducting A/B testing.
  • Pre-Built Web Forms:  Capture user data and leads using the pre-built web forms.
  • Multi-Platform Integration: You can also link your landing pages with the leading remarketing platforms and analytics tools to optimize for best performance.

Some of the other features that allow you get more out of your landing pages include embed videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard, and Wistia), Facebook integration, and add PayPal “buy now” button.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has become almost a must-have online marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competition. GetResponse provides you lot of flexibility with how you want to interact with your audience.

Build workflows using easy drag-and-drop builder with hundreds of scenarios. Get the real-time view of your subscriber journey. E-commerce businesses can keep track of all their customer interactions and take the right steps to increase sales. Reach out to cart abandons, completed purchases, and site visits. Easy-to-use, pre-built blocks can be instantly arranged to build your workflows. Automate your marketing based on user behaviors.

GetResponse Tutorial

GetResponse is your one-stop-solution for your Email marketing and marketing automation needs. It is a complete platform where you can address all aspects of your marketing needs – from creating responsive emails to building mobile-ready, high-converting landing pages to automating workflows, and winning more customers with webinars.

Link here:

This platform is unmatched in its offering in the industry. Easy to use, this marketing platform offers affordable plans to start from, based on how large your subscription list is.

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  1. @akshay naik

    I took advantage of that free trial, which allows up to 1,000 contacts and doesn’t require a credit card. While GetResponse is very attractive, thanks to its low price and extra features, it still doesn’t beat Campaigner and MailChimp.

  2. Thanks for your nice and informative article. Now I am using Mailchimp, From next month I will use GetResponse free trial, if everything ok it will be continue.

  3. Thank you so much for the review. Recently we introduce new CRM feature that allows you to move contacts in a pipeline and track every stage of their journey. Hope you will like it too. Best!


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