Do you want more mobile traffic to your website?

Today, every user’s search is on mobile and websites are more loaded on smartphones and tablets as compared to desktop.

To get good mobile traffic, you need to have your site pages mobile optimized either by utilizing Vecro Tech SEO strategy or from a professional company like them near your organisation.

If your website pages are not mobile optimized, you are losing 50% of mobile users.

Not having a mobile-friendly site is a pain for website owners as they will lose their targeted audience even after having great content and services to offer.

With Google AMP you can now make your site pages load faster than before.

Before you read more, let’s first understand about Google AMP.

What is Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Google AMP provides great user experience by presenting the website content in less than three seconds to mobile users.

It is an open source initiative by Google fully focused on streamlining the mobile experience for users by loading website instantly (less than seconds).

The technology offers lightweight pages for mobiles that incredibly increase the page loading speed and helps users to browse your website in no time.

Usually, the pages are hosted on Google’s servers which mean it won’t impact your hosting space. If you are looking for a better web host check out the best website hosting for Australia in September 2017.

These days if you browse any site on mobile, you will notice the top results of Google are using AMP. Also, you can use AMP frequently for your news and blog sites.


Let’s understand why you need Google AMP for your website. The following points mentioned below will help you to use Google AMP.

AMP Loads Your Pages Faster In Mobile

The AMP project dramatically improves the performance of mobile sites on the web. It’s an open source initiative that relies on existing web technologies and is to build in collaboration with many different partners. Visit their website to get more details.

Many technologies today comes with super complicated build process but not so with AMP, in fact, an AMP page is normal HTML website with a couple of restriction, no build process, no extra steps. Unlike having to build custom apps and products for million of social platforms and outlets. AMP works only for single post remember it doesn’t work for the homepage.

What Benefits You Will Earn via Google AMP

If your website doesn’t use custom javascript and is mostly static, you probably don’t even have to create a second version of it for AMP. Every AMP document includes the AMP js javascript library that leaves us the optimum performance by adding a few rules in your markup.

In AMP page the content is always king and user experience is queen. Users love fast content, and AMP allows platform like Google, Twitter, Pinterest or Linkedin to know for a fact that this content is fast.

SEO Benefits Of Using AMP For Website

You must be amazed by the fact that there are many SEO benefits of using AMP. This is the same strategy acclimatised also by seo consultants Singapore to optimise their yields.

  • By implementing Google AMP, your visibility will increase in the SERPs.
  • An AMP will increase CTR (Click Through Rates).
  • Unwanted ads and sites can be banned that distract users when they visit your site etc.
  • Google AMP will increase your conversion rates or lead generation by 20%.

Though AMP Is Not A Ranking Factor – Says Google

Remember, Google AMP optimize your pages for mobile users, but there is no direct correlation with the search engine ranking. Though it will drive more traffic to your website increasing your page authority.

So, are you ready to create your first AMP page?

Follow the tutorial below to start with the basics.

Create your first AMP page

If you are someone who has a WordPress website and want to make your pages AMP friendly, you can directly install the free AMP plugin for WordPress.

Google AMP WordPress
Google AMP WordPress

I hope the benefits mentioned above will help you to select AMP for your website.

Let me know how AMP works for you, and what changes you realize after implementing for your website pages.

If you find any questions or need any help in configuring your AMP page, do let me know in the comments below. I would be happy to help you.

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  1. WOW, i have also seen so many pages with AMP in mobile searches, being a web designer myself i am researching about same so that i can implement on my website as well as client website. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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