Hexavoid for Android
Hexavoid for Android

Hexavoid is a new Android game where your goal is to Fly fast and bypass the barriers. Your purpose in this Hexavoid for Android Game is to go as far as you can by avoiding various obstructions and collecting assets, which can then be used to buy new ships. You can earn a variety of power-ups in this game, as well, to allow you to go greatly on a level. Each time when you earn a point is a worth of one credit. When you will have 100, 500 or 1000 credits (depending on the ship), you can unlock a new ship.

Hexavoid for Android

You have been taken. You must fly after enemy lines. Dodge left and right to evade the hexagonal pillars, rolling walls, and the enemy artillery defense!

Hexavoid Features:

  • You can unlock dozens of Spaceships
  • Excellent Graphics and Sound Effects in this Game
  • Around 200 unique levels
  • Turbo, firing, bombs, and power-ups for max scoring potential
  • You can also Battle with your friends score using Google Play Leaderboards

How to Play:

There are two colors of gates that you should break. Break the Red gates to earn one point each. The Yellow ones which are, in contrast, which will give you five points each. Typically you will only have one route to take, and even when the road divides into two tracks, you will only have one path with a gate in it.

You should place your finger down at the bottom of the screen for easier control of the ship. You can place it wherever you want, but if it’s down at the bottom of the screen, you can see your ship which makes it easier to direct it, and thus easier to avoid obstacles.

Hexavoid Android Gameplay (HD)

Note: If you get bored of the Google ads which will be displayed in this game, then you can purchase the no ads option by paying a small price. This way you will get your permanent ad-free gameplay.

For ad-free play, you can set the Phone in Aeroplane mode, but the ads are not all that interfering anyway, so there is not enough of a point in it.

Download Hexavoid APK

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