Hoverwatch Review
Hoverwatch Review

Wasted working time is a serious problem that has a negative impact on businesses across all industries. That’s why serious business owners consider taking specific steps to reduce the non-work related activity of their employees on social media and texting and are thinking of installing Hoverwatch Android spy app ( android spy app software ) on mobile devices that were given to their staff members for business purposes.

Advantages of Android Spy App for Business Owners

How to Make Employees Focus More on work with an Android Keylogger

When employees waste time at work, their productivity suffers, and it has a negative impact on sales and business’s profits. Of course, we need modern technologies to do our jobs effectively, that’s why we use the territory mapping software to help our sales go up, but a growing number of employees would waste working hours on personal emails, texts, social media, and personal phone calls.

What steps can business owners take to prevent their employees from wasting the company time?

As you can’t stand and peer over your employees’ shoulders every hour the day to see what they are texting, a good idea is to install android monitoring app on their mobile devices. You can easily do it, and it won’t take much time. First of all, you should choose a reputable software provider and create your personal account on the provider’s website.

Then you need to Download and Install Hoverwatch – Free Mobile Tracker on the devices you would like to monitor.

Hoverwatch - Free Mobile Tracker
Hoverwatch – Free Mobile Tracker

Hoverwatch Mobile Phone Tracker records SMS, Call history and Audio, Camera, Locations, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Telegram, Instagram, internet activity, calendar, contacts
It works on the Android Mobile, Windows PC, and Mac OS X

After that, you will be able to monitor your employees’ activity from your personal account any time you wish. Keep in mind that the information will be stored online on your personal account and you will be able to access it from any device.

Features and Compatibility

No one can guarantee that the software will work properly on any mobile device, so make sure that the target device is compatible with the software you’re going to install. Note that most of the phone tracking software operate well on Android, Windows PC, and Mac Computer.

After an app has been successfully installed on the target smartphone, you will be able to view all the information about its user’s activity. It is possible due to the following functions of this useful app:

  • Monitor all sent and received text messages
  • View messages sent and received by WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber
  • Track all phone calls and view phone book information
  • View browsing activity and get access to web history
  • Get a picture from a camera every time the phone is unlocked
  • Track GPS location
  • Receive SIM card changes notifications
  • Use SMS tracker app in the invisible mode, so the target device user is completely unaware that the software was installed

Your personal account with the app provider allows you to track up to 5 mobile devices and stay aware how they use their device in the working hours.

Installation Guide

Customer Support

You can visit FAQ section on www.hoverwatch.com to find all the essential information on how to use the app successfully to achieve your goals. This section also has installation and removal guides and some interesting articles with great tips and tricks. You can also contact the support team by sending a request form.

Pricing Policies and refund

The SMS tracker is quite affordable, and if you pay for a year, it will cost you 60% less. You can download the app for free and try it for seven days. There is also a refund option, and you can claim your money back by sending a request to the support team within seven days.

Hoverwatch Pricing
Hoverwatch Pricing

Download it and Start Monitoring the Activities of your Android Mobile, Mac PC, and Windows PC.

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