Are you using Windows 10 on your computer system? Do you know How to Fix Registry Errors Windows 10? Are you looking for the speeding up your computer system? Then this is the right place you are at. If you are not well versed with the internal working of your system, then do not take the risk of doing this as you can contact the expert computer repair in Carmichael here and get the Call Nerds to help you at a pocket-friendly price. The registry is actually an internal database which includes important and machine specific information related to your computer system.

How to Fix Registry Errors in Windows 10
How to Fix Registry Errors in Windows 10

The registry issues generally develop in your device due to the corrupted files, bad driver, or failed uninstallation and much more. You urgently need to fix this error once detected to enhance the working of your system properly.

I will share an interesting story with you guys.

About 30 days ago I was facing the issue with DirectX. It would always popup the message as “missing d3dx9_43.dll”.

I didn’t know how to fix it. After a bit of research, it fixed after installing DirectX and reinstalling the game.

What Causes Registry Errors?

Before going further with the process; you first need to know about the various causes of the registry errors so that to get the best solutions for your problem.

These are:

  • Orphaned registry keys: It is one of the foremost reasons behind the generation of the registry error on your computer system. It usually arises due to the incomplete deletion of various files from your computer system. The fragments leaving behind after the uninstallation of various programs may lead to this issue.
  • Duplicate keys: It is another reason behind the registry errors. These keys generally developed during the installation, up gradation or updating of various programs.
  • System shutdown errors: These errors usually develop due to the formation of a copy of the registry key every time you shut down your system.
  • Malware attack: It is one of the serious issues leading to various errors. Malware and viruses not only corrupt the files but also may lead to cause some serious harm as well. So keep your computer system updated with the latest antivirus so as to avoid such situation. If you do manage to get a virus, luckily most computer repairs can be done online @

How to Fix Registry Errors Windows 10

Different methods to Fix Registry Errors Windows 10

Method 1: System Restore: It is one of the easiest methods to fix the registry errors just follow the step by step procedure given below in order to get rid of the problem.

  • Launch your system restore window by clicking on the Start menu option followed by typing restore on the provided search bar.
  • Now select the System Restore option and then press Windows + Pause.
  • Once done; now click on Advanced system settings option followed by clicking on the System Protection option.
  • Once done now press the system restore button to move forward with the process.
  • Once you have enabled your system restore; next you have to enable the system restore option.
  • For doing it; click on the “Show more restore points option which will provide you the detailed list of previous restore points.
  • Once done; now click on the Scan option for the affected programs. It will enable you to remove all of your fragmented or copied files from your device.
  • Once done; click Next followed by pressing the Finish option.
  • It will initiate the restore process on your device which will take a few minutes to get completed. Once completed; enjoy the fast working of your computer system.

Method 2: With the help of CCleaner: CCleaner is one of the finest software tools which enables you to fix the registry errors efficiently. It helps you in removing all of the junk presents on your device so that you could enjoy fast working on it.

All you need to have to do for access it is:

  • Download and install CCleaner on your device from the dedicated source.
  • After completing the installation process; run the tool from the dedicated icon. It will enable you to scan your registry for the errors and then fix it later.
  • Once you have done with it; now click on “Registry option.”
  • Now check all the provided boxes so that to scan all the error if in case any possibility is there.
  • On the successful completion of this process; now tap on the option of “Scan for Issues” which will enable you the scanning process of your registry. It will display all the issues if found on your home screen.
  • Once done with it; now click on the “Fix selected issues” option.
  • Now, create a secure backup for your registry when prompted in order to get the deleted files back in future.
  • Next click on the “Fix All Selected Issues” option to review each fix manually.
  • Once done; now click on the close option to finish the process.
  • On the successful completion of the entire process; don’t forget to reboot your computer system in order to avail the changes successfully made.


We have provided you above the main issues behind the registry errors and the different ways to Fix Registry Errors Windows 10. Hope it will work you a lot in getting rid of the awkward situations when your computer system is not able to work properly. The above provide fixes works efficiently on the Windows 10 and perform any operations like text formatting, available at: Use SodaPDF this is one of the most powerful features that are provided by Users can be sure that all uploaded files will be deleted in 24 hours automatically.

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