AWS is referred to as Amazon web services which stand to be one of the most sought out cloud platforms. It offers a variety of services in the form of computing power, content delivery, and database storage along with various capabilities which help a business to scale and reach new heights. Services on a private network can be hosted which means you can establish communication with resources of the same network without even an internet connection.

But for such a situation to occur, Business would need the services of dedicated professionals who have the ability to deploy code 30 times faster in comparison to the competition. Not only should they be blessed with extensive knowledge of Linux or Python but key areas of AWS as route 53 or email service.

Now the question is how to hire a skilled candidate when the market itself is flooded with numerous developers. You can opt for an AWS skill test, which might provide you with a bit of leeway. The best way to kick start the process of hiring intellectual developers would be to start looking for candidates who have extensive knowledge of AWS along with DevOps tools. Now in terms of DevOps, it is a combination of current practices, philosophies along with tools which ensure organizations are able to process applications at a faster pace.

With the services, the deployment of application code is simplified with an automated release of software processes. It also monitors the infrastructure performance along with the application. As per the inputs of Linux foundation report, nearly 60 % of the Linux hiring managers are on the lookout to fill up their AWS engineers positions quickly. Just a mere search on Google would enlighten you with the market demand of AWS engineers.

It is sensible to add a filter process to your search and explore candidates who have well equipped AWS DevOps skills. Let us explore some of the competencies you are looking to come across in a candidate.

How to Hire an AWS developer


  • Inventory along with configuration tracking of AWS resources

When you are hiring AWS engineers inventory along with configuration tracking are vital tools you need to take care of. They need to be aware of configuration process of a resource done in the days gone by with an illustrated inventory break up of a current configuration of AWS resources. Knowhow of extensive AWS rules is necessary so that resources can be compiled easily.

  • Coordination with managing changes of AWS resources

Another core competency that an AWS developer needs to have is extensive know-how about cloud formation. In fact, they have to be adept in creating, modifying and terminating collections of AWS resources with pre-defined templates. If you possess knowledge of AWS catalog it is a definite plus as organizations are able to manage and create analogs of IT as these are services that are approved to be used on AWS.

Critical Skills-

  • In-depth knowledge about technologies and tools

New technologies along with tools make their way into the market every other day if you are into the field of software development procedures. For this reason, it is of paramount importance that AWS developers have an understanding of the latest tools and technologies. They should be able to formulate new ideas and challenges need to be welcomed with open arms for the development of an organization.

  • Security training

When you combine operations and development together it is a great way in streamlining the process and ensures a faster cycle, but a lot of loopholes emerge. As an AWS developer, you must be able to write codes so as to protect applications from malware and defending against various security threats.

  • Testing

It does become important for an AWS developer to have advanced testing skills. Automation code or deployment could be a stressful process but if proper testing takes place function remains intact with an implementation of new-fangled features.

  • Collaboration

If the AWS developer is skilled, they should be able to help their team members, eradicate bottlenecks and remove them in a quick manner. The developers need to be aware of how to work in synchronization with other team members in moving ahead.

The questions normally posed to an AWS developer as part of the recruitment process

Have you ever come across an obstacle during the completion of a project when you have worked with your previous companies? How did you cope up with the situation?

All things will not go according to plan and you should need to gauge the ability of a candidate in order to be adapting to changes. They should be able to take stock of a situation that needs immediate action on how they plan to overcome an obstacle.

Have you been ever in a position where you have gone on to work with a multidisciplinary team where tech and nontech members have been involved? If this has not been the case would you look to try and the reasons?

When you ask this question it would be easy for the recruiter to understand whether a candidate likes to work with a non-technical person or garner feedback in the process to learn and grow.

Describe some of the projects you have gone on to work till date and the ones that you are proud of?

You should expect an answer that provides you with an insight about their work along with value. In addition, you can understand how they perceive their own work.

To conclude in the market there are a number of jobs for AWS Ops developers. If more opportunities are presented more candidates will come to the fore and with them, a better sense of competition will prevail. It does become of utmost importance that the hiring managers go on to filter their search by incorporating more skills to the job development process. They need to shortlist candidates who are well equipped with AWS skills along with related areas. They should also gauge the fact whether the candidates are interested in learning new technologies or not. In this manner not only you can choose the right talent for your organization but ensure that your company scales new heights.


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