How to Increase Blog Traffic Using StumbleUpon in 2020
How to Increase Blog Traffic Using StumbleUpon in 2020

Hi Friends, Do you know Increase Blog Traffic Using StumbleUpon? In this Post, I will be teaching you How to Increase Blog Traffic Using StumbleUpon in 2020.

I have several sites that are receiving 70% traffic from Google Search and Facebook, and that traffic is also converting into a profitable buyer. A couple of my sites also receive about 4000 – 6500 unique visits every month from StumbleUpon.

What Is StumbleUpon?
StumbleUpon is a useful social Bookmarking site for all bloggers that serves to push a great amount of traffic to your blog. StumbleUpon also helps to find blogs. Content curation sites like StumbleUpon are bookmarking sites. It is a Site for you to collect Blog post you want to read later. You can curate videos there too.

Set up your Profile First

  • Sign up for a free StumbleUpon account here
  • Once your Join in, Fill up your profile by adding all the required details and link Twitter and  Facebook

I would love to follow someone with a Good profile picture as well as a few details about them in their profile. Use your Gravatar or photos from other social media accounts will make you more identifiable.

Now after signing up its time to Increase Blog Traffic.

How to Increase Blog Traffic Using StumbleUpon in 2020

  • Add StumbleUpon Chrome / Mozilla Toolbar

Go to and Click on “StumbleBar” to your Google Chrome browser. Use StumbleUpon Chrome / Mozilla Toolbar to promote a content of your friends and of your blog.

Here are Tools:

Here’s a look…

Stumble me

Use StumbleUpon every time to get a good result. Stumbling other Bloggers posts is essential. Possibly, StumbleUpon will stop identifying your own submissions if you do it too often without submitting other bloggers posts so make sure you balance Both. Stumble blog post of your and others also.

Some say’s “StumbleUpon Users may read your blog post or they may go as easily as they appear. Rarely they would stick to your blog post and click blog links”.

  • Follow other Bloggers

Follow other Bloggers who are in your niche. Check this link which will help you to find users with your niche and follow them. The people whom you will follow will also follow you back. If they do, they might “like” your Blog post which in turn increase your visibility and traffic. It’s very necessary to get engaged with other users to get a Good amount of traffic to your Blog.

  • Share

You can also share your post on all social media sites, your stumble upon link will get shared to all social media sites. The top menu bar gives you ways to share what you are viewing. When you want to promote your pages, click the button “Share this page with anyone, including through Twitter or LinkedIn.”

  • Promote in Groups

Sharing a blog post on Facebook groups and Google plus communities will help you to gain traffic to your blog and also people will attract to your StumbleUpon profile. Several Facebook blogger groups that I am using in have StumbleUpon string where you can submit your post for others to stumble.

StumbleUpon Paid Advertising

StumbleUpon Paid advertisement has three plans.Check out details here:

Some say’s “Stumbleupon traffic has very low-quality Traffic, with short time spend on a blog post with very low engagement”. Is this True? Comment Below

It’s not so easy you will have to put a lot of time and effort if you want to gain something. Get along with StumbleUpon, promote your blog post and while sharing blog post do check your Google analytics.

Some say’s “StumbleUpon is one of the best sources that drive traffic to my blog. I never grasp how it runs at first and then started seeing more idea about how to use it. I am so happy I am using it because it Is so easy and a great way to drive traffic”.

Do’s and Do Not of Stumbleupon Promotion

  • Do Like Blog posts you are interested.
  • Do Share Comments on the Articles which you Liked.
  • Do Share Articles on Various social media sites
  • Do add Blog post which will engage more users and may give me leads.
  • Do Not Use StumbleUpon for self-promotion.
  • Do Not Ask Others to stumble your Blog posts.

Note: Don’t just Promote your Blog posts. StumbleUpon might punish you for self–promotion and you will find you are actually losing an opportunity of being on StumbleUpon site by posting your own Blog post to it.

Question: Have you ever used StumbleUpon before? Do share your experience below.

If you Found this How to Increase Blog Traffic Using StumbleUpon in 2018 blog post useful and helpful, Please do share it with your friends and on Google Plus Communities, Twitter, Whatsapp Groups, and Facebook Groups and Pages.

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  1. I used to use SU in 2014 and was getting HUGE amounts of traffic until about February of this year. It seems like nothing I stumble gets traffic now. Also when I look around on SU, I see a lot of outdated articles on none-relevant news. Im not sure what happened but I wish we could go back to the old days of SU.

  2. Stumbleupon is an excellent social bookmarking site. I mostly use StumbleUpon for getting good traffic to my site. And it is a good referrer for building traffic and page views. Thanks for sharing about StumbleUpon.


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