How to Reduce Image Size Below 10 KB
How to Reduce Image Size Below 10 KB

How to Reduce Image Size Below 10 KB

Reduce the size of images to save space or to post them online or for email. Just by using simple tool you can actually convert image to 10 kb

Jpeg image size can be reduced easily without having to install any software at all. Reduce image size in kb is an easy task Please follow the instruction given below.

How to Reduce Image Size Below 10 KB

Instructions to reduce image size in kb:

  • Open Paint application. (Go to Start -> All Apps -> Windows Accessories -> Paint)

  • Open your Jpeg image having image size more than 10Kb in Paint (Goto File -> Open -> Select the jpeg file -with size >10 Kb)
  • Save that jpeg image as bitmap image with 24-bit bitmap .bmp extension this will remove the excess information stored in jpeg without degrading the quality of the jpeg image.

  • Now open the Saved bitmap image in Paint and save the image as jpeg image with .jpeg extension.

  • Now, You can now see the image file reduced to less than 10Kb by going to Properties of that Image.

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  1. I tried on my image but it just slightly reduced. When I tried make it as gif format image reduced to 90% of its size with slight change in quality. (28kb to 4kb)


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