Hi, Friends, in our Blogger’s Interview Series today we have Tech and Travel Blogger Garima Bhaskar from GarimaShares. In this interview with Etechexplorer, she has discussed her journey towards blogging, Education, being productive, and Life on her blog.

We are very much grateful to Garima Bhaskar from GarimaShares for taking time to answer the questions. So without much wait, let’s take into the conversation now.

Interview With Garima Bhaskar from GarimaShares

Interview With Garima Bhaskar from GarimaShares
Interview With Garima Bhaskar from GarimaShares
  • Hi, Welcome to Etechexplorer. Could you please share a bit about yourself?

I’m 21 years old, a Computer Science Engineer by the degree and Photographer, Blogger, and artist by passion. Art is my field of interest, I like it when I can see the results of the efforts I put in, up on the screen. My artwork named ‘Dreamcatcher’ was published in Inspiron India magazine and I’m a technical content contributor in Orbit Magazine. I’ve been working as a freelance content writer running different errands for over 2 years now. As a Photographer, I have worked with brands like Audi and various fashion bloggers.

  • When and how did you get introduced to blogging?

I came across an advertisement of WordPress on Facebook years ago and the idea of owning a space online where I have the freedom to share my views intrigued me. That’s when I made my blog – GarimaShares in 2016.

  • What your blog GarimaShares is all about? How did you think to name it?

GarimaShares is a mixed niche blog. In Spite of the general trend that says following a niche makes the path to success shorter, I knew I have varied interests which I have to fulfill all on the same platform. The blog covers the categories: Technology, Travel, Photography, Life, Education, and Blogging. It was initially named ‘GarimaWrites’ because I began with the idea of sharing my artworks and poetry online but as I explored the possibilities of the blogging world I thought ‘Shares’ would be more appropriate.

  • How do you manage your Daily Blogging Routine? and how do you stay productive? How many hours a week do you spend on your blog?

To be honest, my blogging routine was a mess for a solid 5 months at the beginning of the blogging journey. Though it might seem that blogging just needs a 500-800 word article to be posted, there is the ton of hard work and skills that have to develop along with it. There’s SEO, Digital Marketing, Content creation and so much more. By doing online courses and internships to enhance this skills, it helped me to a great extent to take my blog up a level. I have my goals set for the day, for the week and for the month. In every creator’s life, there are days where your mind is point black and you’ve hit a writer’s block. Nobody can be productive 365 days a year but one can always keep the spirits high and not forget the reason why they do what they do. Whenever I’m confronted with such a situation, I read extensively, watch inspiring TedTalks to spark the brain cells up. I spend around 20-25 hours a week on my blog out of which 60% is spent on the marketing and analyzing the statistics.

  • What are the strengths you think have helped you to become an effective Blogger? Do you wish to learn any new skill from Etechexplorer Blog and from Blogging Authority?

The biggest strength would be being consistent and open to learning new skills each day. Handling a blog on your own can be tough because you’ve nobody else to put the blame on. It’s your work if it fails it’s on you. Never losing the motivation to keep on giving your best in your content is what makes a blogger effective and successful. I wish to be inspired by the Etechexplorer Blog and its Blogging Authority. With its huge number of like-minded bloggers and content creators, one can never be uninspired.

  • What’s the one thing you have done that has increased your Blog Traffic the most? ( Your Secret and working Tips? )

Cross-channel marketing has really worked for me. Facebook, Instagram, and Stumbleupon have huge capabilities in terms of getting your blog the exposure it needs and attract more viewers.

  • Many people start their blog and discontinue after some time due to Low traffic or they focus only on making money. What do you think is the most Frustrating aspect of blogging and why they fail?

It is quite easy to feel lost in the huge web that the internet is, what keeps one motivated is knowing why they started blogging in the first place and what are their goals. Not knowing where to go makes the journey far more difficult because you’ve no idea on what road to take. Even if the goal is just to earn money, it should be clear from the beginning itself.

  • Did you face any obstacle? Please share your early blogging mistakes or fails if any

Yes, definitely I did face obstacles. That’s how you know you’re on the right path. It was difficult to manage to create new content for the blog, marketing it along with the college studies. For the initial 2 months, I had almost zero traffic on the blog. What kept me going was knowing that I love doing this, won’t give up until I excel. It was when I got my first invite as Blogger, by Lemon Tree Hotels last year, that I felt proud of not giving up on those hard days.

  • So far, which is the most Awesome moment in your blogging journey?

Awesome moments happen every day! I believe in celebrating every small success as if it were a big one. A spike in views, an invite for an event, getting social shares, all of them are equally awesome moments for me.

  • What are your Next Blogging Plans?

To set higher goals! To have events scheduled 7 days a week. Turning GarimaShares into a brand of its own.

  • Please share some Blogging tips for bloggers who just started working on Travel and Tech Blogs.

Be consistent and don’t give up! Blogging has a learning curve, no blog becomes a success overnight. It takes time, undying motivation and creativity to make a blog successful. Explore the internet and other fellow bloggers to get inspired. Add your personal touch to your content so that it is unique and carries with it your idea of blogging. Travel is such an amazing niche to have, you get to read and write about the places people dream of going to. Technology, on the other hand, is a dynamic niche that requires being up-to-date with the latest tech news which interests the people.

I feel so honored to be a part Etechexplorer. Thank you, team, for choosing me.

Blog Link: https://garimashares.com

Thanks to Garima Bhaskar for giving your invaluable time for sharing her experience with the Etechexplorer readers.

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  1. Hi Akshay,

    Your blogger interview series are very motivated and inspiring. I am glad to know about Garima in this interview. your great efforts making us connect with many known professional bloggers.
    All the best for future interview………

    Ankit Pandey

  2. Hi Akshay,
    I think I found another Successful blogger to follow . I have a question to Garima, why your blog is not seo optimised ? i have found your logo is also not seo optimised and website speed is slow.

  3. It’s interesting to know other blogger. Awesome interview brother akshay And also garima :)) Keep growing and keep sharing and most importantly keep interviewing and last one Stay blessed :))

  4. Hi Akshay naik,
    You always post some really informative articles, and I like your interview series a lot. but i have question to Garima, why you hosted your site on wordpress.com and why not on your personal server like hostgator, godaddy or namecheap server?

  5. Awesome interview. A question to Garima, How Alexa rank helps a blog? Does it increase its rank in SERP? Does it drive targeted traffic to the blog? Do you seriously bother about it?
    Thanks for your time.

    • Alexa is just a random tool for finding the rank of your blog. I don’t take it that seriously because the sites which have Alexa bar installed are given a priority and it’s not a fair measure of ranking sites on the internet.

  6. Thanks for sharing this interview. Akshay keep us motivated and focus more on the targeted audience.

    I have one question toBlogger Garima:
    Does blogging is dead in 2018? If someone start a blog now is it going to be flop??

    • I don’t think blogging is dead in 2018. Though it’s difficult to make your name now because the competition has increased. But the brands and companies are recognizing the power of blogging and hence there is scope for blogging in 2018 as well.


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