Hello, friends, it’s time to take Interview With Ronalene Soluta From Ventures of the Vixen Blog. Today we are here with a young talented mind of Philippines blogging group. Ronalene Soluta is a lady behind ronalenecs.com is a teacher, writer, and an artist. She is a happy go lucky type lady who enjoys the appreciation that comes with the opportunities.

Ronalene Soluta is from a small town in Bulacan, Philippines. I am really happy to her as she gave her valuable time to me for the interview. She is really a kind lady of great ability and I really loved to interview her.

We are very much grateful to Ronalene Soluta for taking the time to answer the questions. So without much pause, let’s skip into the discussion now.

Interview With Ronalene Soluta From Ventures of the Vixen Blog

Interview With Ronalene Soluta From Ventures of the Vixen Blog
Interview With Ronalene Soluta From Ventures of the Vixen Blog
  • Hi Ronalene, welcome to Etechexplorer. Could you Please share a bit about yourself and what you do?

It is my pleasure to be here in Etechexplorer and thanks for choosing me to be part of your Tech blog and this interview.

I am Ronalene Soluta, an educator, instructor, expert, writer from the Bulacan, Philippines. I have Studied Information Technology. I own Ventures of the Vixen blog which contains mostly travels and self-discovery.

It’s an honor and sincere pleasure to be able to share my passion which is so special to me with Etech blog readers.

  • What Mistakes did you make when you first started blogging?

I started blogging at a young age of 14. I think my mistakes back then include; inconsistency of contents, and blogging in various platforms.

  • How do you pick a Topic for a new Blog Post?

It depends on my interest and Blog aesthetics. So far, my blog focuses on personal travels in Asia (mostly Japan) and reviews on books, films, and cafes – I blog any topic that is connected with these.

  • What is your Daily Blogging Routine and How do you stay Productive? How many hours a week do you spend on your blog?

Honestly speaking, I am one of those bloggers who do not have a blogging routine! Hahaha. Well, I think, there’s nothing bad about it. What’s important is that I stay true with the essence of my blog and I deliver ‘raw’ contents. After all, my blog niche is personal/lifestyle.

  • What Social Media platform do you think has played the Largest part in your Blog’s success so far… and why? 

It is Facebook. There are Blogger support groups you can join on Facebook. And obviously, people are easier to reach there.

Here are some of the Bloggers Groups:

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/BloggersSEOSupport/
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/finallymyblogs
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/375307946198555
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/336563910049290
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/UncagedLifers


  • What’s the one thing you’ve done that has Increased your Blog traffic the most?

Consistently writing-related entries. Linking my blog URL on Facebook and Instagram. And last, joining support groups on Facebook. ( Links share Above ) I also created my own group on Facebook named “Bloggers Exchange Hub” where bloggers help each other by exchanging favors. (You may join guys!)

  • What have you Wasted time on with the Least Reward?

I tried creating blogs on multiple platforms. Tumblr, Weebly, and Blogger. It was obviously a dumb move.

  • What Free Tools do you recommend that you think are essential for any blogger?

Here are some of the helpful SEO Tools which I use:

  1. 100% Free SEO Tools
  2. SEM rush
  3. BuzzSumo
  4. Woorank 
  • Do you think we all Bloggers should use SSL Certificate on our blog? Any Suggestions?

It’s not Necessary that every Blogger should use SSL Certificate on their Blog.

  • Do you run any other Blogs ?? What is the Niche? 

Nope. I stick to my only blog as of this date which is – Ventures of the Vixen.

  • At last, Any Premium Tips for Our Readers and Rest of the Bloggers?

If you want to consider blogging as a career then you must study and research all your way. Continuously seek for information, and fear not cause there are Blogs like Etechexplorer you can rely on. On the other hand, if you’re just like me who considers blogging as a hobby… there’s only two words I must say – Have fun!

You can Ask Her Questions: https://www.facebook.com/ronalenecs/ or in Below Comments

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Thanks again Ronalene for sharing your thoughts and insights with the Etechexplorer readers. Kindly share your views and thoughts in the comment box and stay tuned to know more about the other entrepreneurs and bloggers.

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  1. Hello Akshay
    Great post! That was a very insightful and very informative interview with Ronalene . I have been a fan of her and her travel blog. Again thanks for this value-packed post. I am also starting my new blog site and this interview is very helpful for me. I will share this post to my friend circle.

  2. Thanks Akshay Naik, for this great interview with Ronalene . I am also reading her blog and all I can say that she is really a awesome blogger. Blogging has also changed my life and help me to make living from my blog.

  3. Thanks Admin for sharing this post. I hear about Ronalene Soluta so many time but couldn’t ever know deeply about Ronalene Soluta but this amazing Interview With Ronalene Soluta is perfect to know about Ronalene Soluta.


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