Jio Summer Surprise Offer
Jio Summer Surprise Offer


Jio Summer Surprise Offer

People literally started tearing hairs when the JIO offer was coming to an end and that is the time when they got yet another pleasant surprise that the free offer was to continue to the 15th of April, and that is also the last date of getting the Jio Prime membership done.

This means, that all the Jio users will be able to avail the services for another 15 days for free. Till date, 16- 20% of the Jio users have already subscribed to the prime membership, and Reliance is hoping for more customers to engage in the same.

Things You Should Know about the Jio Summer Surprise Offer

As a summer surprise offer, Reliance Jio has been able to extend all of its services for 3 more months and it will be available for only the people who have registered for the Prime recharge. Also, this surprise will be available to the ones who will do a recharge of INR 303 or above before 15th of April since it is an auto upgrade offer.

What are the Benefits of the Jio Surprise offer?

The new offer is actually the continuation of the previous services of the Happy New Offer but the only difference is that now it comes with various recharge units. This means that if you go for the recharge of Rs 303 or more before April 15, then you will be able to get unlimited free calls and the internet with different data limits for the next three months, i.e, 15th of July.

In case, the Prime Subscription is taken and no recharge is done:

If you have not done the recharge, but you have availed the Prime offer, then your number will run until a definite time, and then the SIM will lapse. As for the summer surprise offer, it is mandatory to get the recharge of at least INR 303 done.

In case, you have already taken the INR 149 plan:

The users who have already done the recharge of the INR 149 will not be able to avail the summer surprise even though they are definitely eligible to have one. It is mandatory that you will have to get the Rs. 303 recharge done for subscription of the Jio Summer Surprise Offer. As for the INR149 plan, it will be kept aside as a voucher and will be activated after the three months of free plan and one month of the 303 plan, that is after a total of 4 months.

In case you have done the recharge for Rs 4999 or Rs 9999:

All of these plans will be active after the three months of free services, which is after July 15. So you do not have to worry at least for 90 days. The minimum total amount for availing the offer is Rs 99 plus Rs 303 that is Rs 402 in total.

For all the Big spenders out there;

Did you know that Jio is giving an extra benefit to the people who are going to spend big on Jio- that is the people who are spending or have spent more than Rs 999 or more? All of these users will be able to get an extra data of 100GB data for full three months, apart from the one that they will get with the recharge plan. This, according to the calculation means that a user will be able to get a little over 90GB per month that is 3 GB per day, at least for the first three months and that is definitely something pleasant as a surprise.

Reliance Jio has been able to keep up with all its promised Offers and we just hope that it keeps the good work going so that the users can have an Awesome Experience. Now we guess that all your queries regarding this Jio Summer Surprise Offer have been satiated.

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