Will JioPhone support WhatsApp? - Specifications, Tariffs, and Important Facts About  JioPhone
Will JioPhone support WhatsApp? – Specifications, Tariffs, and Important Facts About JioPhone

JioPhone is a World’s Cheapest 4G Vo-LTE Feature Phone Launched by Reliance Jio with an efficient Price of Rs 0. In order to buy this Phone, you will need to deposit of Rs. 1500, which will be refundable after 3 years. You can Avail Refund After 3 Years by Returning JioPhone to Jio office. JioPhone has been Launched under Lyf Brand Name.

JioPhone Can Be Booked Online from Official Reliance Jio Website, Flipkart, and Amazon. Booking For this Jio Phone will start from 15th August 2017.

Will JioPhone support WhatsApp?

Everyone wants to know, Will JioPhone support WhatsApp?

But As of for Now JioPhone Doesn’t Support WhatsApp app. But, According to Various Sources, WhatsApp is Under Development and Beta Testing for JioPhone. But we can Receive it in the Newer version of JioPhone in the Near future for sure.

JioPhone Specifications:

  • Alpha Numeric Keypad
  • JioPhone is a 2.4-inch QVGA display
  • JioPhone will have a 512MB RAM
  • It will also have 4GB Internal Memory with External SD Card support
  • It has 4G VoLTE support with pre-loaded Apps, like JioMags, JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic etc.
  • JioPhone has a Rear Camera of 2MP and also a 1.2 MP Front Camera
  • It also supports Voice Command.
  • It has an Emergency button feature once you press it for a longer period, it will send a Message to your pre-set emergency contact Number with your area including correct latitude and longitude distance.
  • It will also support NFC, allowing all users to Pay Bills using their JioPhone. You can connect your Bank Account, UPI Account, and also Debit and Credit Cards detail.
  • JioPhone will support Total 23 languages in India including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and many more languages.
  • It also have FM Radio, for all FM Radio Lovers
  • This Phone also has a 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • This Phone will include Torchlight Feature too
  • JioPhone – TV Cable is developed by Jio which will allow users to connect your JioPhone to your Tv sets of your house and can watch Movies, Music or JioTV using your phone.
  • it will also Support microSD Card

JioPhone Data and Calling Tariffs:

1. Jio Rs. 153 Tariff Plan:
Get Unlimited Calling and Data for 1 Month on Jio Phone (Jio Feature Phone)

2. Jio Rs. 54 Tariff Plan:
You will Get Unlimited Data and Calls for 1 Week.

3. Jio Rs. 24 Tariff Plan:
You will Get Unlimited Calling and Data for 2 Days.

4. 309 Rs. Jio cable TV Tariff Plan
Get Unlimited Access to Jio Cable Tv on Larger Screen for 1 Month.

Some of the Facts of JioPhone

  • JioPhone has been made in India by Indian Engineers
  • It is Available for Free of Cost
  • Pre-Booking of this phone will start from 24 August
  • Every Buyer will Pay Rs 1500 as Refundable Security Deposit for 3 years
  • This phone will be using KAI OS Of Firefox OS
  • 5 Million JioPhone Units will be Available Every Week for Customers
  • It is Keypad Phone.

Important Points to Know ( Should you buy the JioPhone? )

  • I really don’t think you will be getting Rs. 1500 if some of the phone parts are damaged
  • Before buying this JioPhone, you will have to Read the Return and Refund terms and conditions
  • Even if you succeed to keep this phone in perfect condition for three years then you will still return it? I mean as you are receiving Unlimited calls and Data in very cheap rate then why would you want to return it. I don’t think I will ever do it.
  • After buying you will have to use their service for three years and everyone you will have to recharge it.
  • If you are dissatisfied in the middle or you don’t want to do recharge due to network issues or some other issue, then you will be out of the return policy, You won’t be able to return this phone after 3 years.
  • Even if it is just for the price of Rs 1500, it gives many satisfactory features. So, on the price part, it is a win-win for everyone.
  • While it is not confirmed, if JioPhone will have Wifi or Wifi Hotspot.
  • So, let’s Cut the crap. Don’t live in the dream that JioPhone is free. No, it is not. You are paying Rs 1500 right at the time of buying and you know you can’t return the phone (or you don’t want to return the phone ), then there’s no point considering it’s a free phone. Nope. It’s not!
  • If JioPhone has a greater Battery Life which can last for several days without charging the phone, then it is again a good deal for all

Nevertheless, Even if JioPhone is Rs 1500, it’s a Steal Deal.

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Kindly Answer, Will JioPhone support WhatsApp?

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