Must have Pages for your WordPress Site

If you think that having an About Us, Contact Us and a Blog Page are enough for your WordPress site, then you are wrong. But, you must add on some other pages, though not the obvious one, yet the pages your WordPress Site needs. Pick up the best suitable page for your WordPress Site, which actually makes sense to your website. For instance, the needs of a traditional blog are different from a business site. So, here we are with the 10 Must have Pages for your WordPress Site.

10 Must have Pages for your WordPress Site

  • Traffic or Income Report

In the recent past, the traffic or the Income reports have gained much popularity. This page significantly helps in showcasing the progress of the WordPress site as well as introducing the slight transparency of the operations. Since people are more curious in knowing about the income or traffic report of a particular website, this page has been the most popular one.
Income Report by Kayla Cruz – lostgenygirl )
Income Report by Meredith – artsandclassy )

  • Affiliate Program or Partnerships

Because of its sole existence, the Partnerships page helps in attracting the partners. The page must display the summary about the niche of your business as well as the type of partnerships you want. For affiliate programs, you must display about your expectations from the affiliates, the commissions as well as how to get started and why the one affiliate is better than the other.
Use Full Links:
Affiliate Marketing – Complete Beginner’s Ultimate guide – Vebblabbs
Affiliate Marketing Basics – Quickloud

  • Consulting Forum

If you have a Consulting forum or a site or a firm, then a Consulting Page is a must. Though it can be similar to any standard sales page, but the item you put it on must be something unique or of a specific kind. Without having any direct understanding, consulting is a little difficult, yet the good design as well as the copywriting plays a major role in making the offers impressive as well as establishing the credibility of your business.

  • FAQ

Every visitor asks a few questions to clear their doubts and certain questions are even repeated as well. It is better than the best to give your readers the ready-made answers in one place and that is, the FAQ page.

  • Shop

If you are interested in selling a product directly from your WordPress site, then you must build an e-commerce store, which must be integrated with your website itself. We have a WooCommerce plugin which helps with it. It even helps in giving effective and impressive layouts for e-commerce.

  • Advertising

The Advertising page must include all the options for advertising on the website, including all the information associated with the same. You just have to present the information in a simple and brief manner. Avoid using any fancy graphics, which can turn off the advertisers.

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  • Speaking Page

Speaking page is similar to the consulting page, but this time you are hiring a person for a speaking appearance.

  • Guest Blogging Guidelines

If you are running an online magazine, then it is obvious that innumerable people will visit your website, including those for guest blogging opportunities. So, it is a must to have a Guest Blogging guidelines page for those people giving them a good idea about it.
Use full Links:
Guest Blogging Guide by eatsleepblogrepeat

  • Transparency Report

Transparency Report is all about the operations, basically everything behind the scenes. The most commented posts on every blog is the transparency report because this page significantly provides good insights about the website and about people into same business dealing with the same challenges. Also, it is one of the best ways to connect with the audience personally.

  • YouTube Channel

If your business is associated with the podcasting element, then showcasing the same on a separate page is a must and a really good idea. You really need not to showcase it in a fancy way, but just list out all the episodes, including the links as well.

Do you know some other pages which we can include on a WordPress site?


  1. Love these! Some do not apply to my blog, as I am not a public speaker yet (hope to venture out into that area eventually). But I will be making a couple of changes to the “pages” section to my blog! 🙂


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