Use Omnisend and Enhance Your Sales Online

Omnisend is a popular e-commerce marketing platform and it is built for marketers who are sales-driven. The e-commerce marketing platforms have outgrown the generic email marketing platforms. It helps businesses to convert the visitors and retain the customers.

Omnisend Review
Omnisend Review

Why Omnisend?

Undoubtedly, emails are important from the marketing perspective but mere sending emails are not sufficient. Omnisend provides a comprehensive marketing automation platform and that includes e-commerce marketing automation workflows, advanced segmentation as well as omnichannel communication. If you have a marketing business and are searching for constant contact alternatives then you can try out the omnisend. The business maintains a corporate website where it highlights the services it offers to its customers.

Features of Omnisend

The Omnisend is tailored for the e-commerce stores. It has a number of interesting features and they include advanced segmentation, SMS automation, website tracking features, etc. Omnichannel communication offers facebook custom audiences; it offers SMS marketing services as well as Google remarketing lists. The e-commerce marketing platform is available online and the users can try the product free for 14 days period. This helps the prospective customers to understand the product well so that they can enjoy the premium version of the product. The prospective customers can also request for a free demo and such demo helps them to understand better about the product.

The Omnisend is trusted by some of the most popular brands like Douglas, Hummel, etc. Those who have good experiences using the product have provided reviews and customer feedbacks. Prospective customers can check the different customer feedbacks to understand the product better before attempting to use it.

User Feedbacks

The business website of Omnisend has a number of user feedbacks. A user comments that the e-commerce marketing platform pulls products directly from the stores. They believe that the product has an amazing look. They feel that the product is nicer than the constant contact alternatives. It has amazing colors and a host of other features that make the product popular among the users.

Yet another user believes that the marketing platform (Omnisend) has excellent automation workflows and such workflows are useful to enhance a business’s sales. The reviews suggest that the product is easy to use. Proper use of the product helps to boost the monthly sales figures for an enterprise.

Benefits of Omnisend

The product has excellent automation workflows. It makes manual work easy for users. The user can send out welcome emails, they can send thank you emails, cart recovery, and birthday emails. All these adequately help the users, mostly business entities to enhance their sales significantly.

Customer Support Section Offers Solutions to Customer Queries

If you are new to the marketing platform then you can navigate to the customer support section where you can search for solutions to your queries pertaining to the marketing platform. You can get invaluable information about campaigns, reports, signup forms, automation, account and settings, expert topics and API documentation.

Free, Standard and PRO Versions

There are the free, standard and the PRO version of the product. The standard and PRO version of the product is premium items. For additional details regarding the different versions of the product together with their respective tariffs, visit relevant resources available online.


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