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This Question is amusing as there are many Advantages and Disadvantages of having these devices in your room. Having a TV as well as a projector in your room, who could hate this combination? Everyone loves TVs and projectors. However, there are cases when you can only opt for one. The most general cause of replacing a TV with a projector is the space issue. TV eats up a lot of space. On the other hand, projectors can save a lot of space.

Despite the minor space issue, there are many more aspects which a person should consider before replacing a TV with a projector. Initially, do you use your TV set for streaming and watching movies only? If you are not interested in watching live TV shows and subscribing to hefty TV channels, then go for a projector, hands down. Now, let us discuss some perks of having a projector in your room instead of a TV.

Benefits of Using Projector

Primarily, you can save a lot of space. All you need to do is place your projector somewhere on the upper side of the wall or keep it on a table, that’s it. There are many projectors out there who support the use of applications like YouTube to stream media. Also, you can use media player and connect it to a projector to project content. You could do these things with your TV too, so what’s the problem here? Well, the big deal is that you’ll get to watch it on a much bigger screen relatively. To be more precise, you’ll have a theatre-like an experience.

Things To Consider before Buying a Projector

Though, before buying a projector, you should take care of a few things. Like, the brightness level varies from projector to projector. It is not worth it to buy a cheap projector with low brightness level as it will not be able to project content during the daytime. Go for a projector with high brightness level with better color projection rate as it can highly improve the quality of the projected content.

Nowadays, Pico Projectors are making their presence felt. Many of these projectors have inbuilt Android OS. They can stream videos via YouTube, Miracast, etc. Pico Projectors are portable as well as lightweight. They save a lot of space as well.

For testing any projector, you can estimate the condition of your room. If you want to setup a projector in a dark room then a projector with moderate brightness level will work fine. However, for a brighter room, you should go for a projector with high lumen value.

After buying the projector, you can set it up in your room and evaluate if the brightness is okay for you. Go for a better projector so that it could match the quality of a TV. Remember, the costly projector projects better quality content compared to an average television. So, spend money without any worry.

What We Learned

A person should consider certain things before replacing a TV with a projector. If you are a live TV show fan and don’t watch streaming content or movies regularly, then there’s no point in replacing your TV. Though, projectors can save a lot of money and space at the same time. Determine your preference and act accordingly!

iCODIS Pico Mobile Video Projector

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