I have been playing idn poker and tangkasnet Games like crazy. But soon my interest for build for Pokermon Go game so I thought to write this post on that only. The following are some of the Tips and Tricks that work for me. Also, some of the important ideas which I have discovered since I started playing game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t tap the Pokestop items – After you spin Pokestop items, don’t tap on the items. Instead, Just exit the Pokestop and you will see that the Pokestop items are automatically transferred into your inventory. Well, This is an Excellent Tip while playing in a moving Car.
  • Ride on a bike – Use scooter or roller blades. Stop and capture Pokemon or spin Pokestops. This is a faster way to go Gyms or Pokemon.
  • Use a Lucky Egg – You will get One Lucky Egg after Level 9 or up. You can also buy Lucky Egg with points you have. Each Egg lasts 30 minutes only for single-use. Plan to use it only when you are dedicated to catching the Pokemon or for gaining your XP in that 30 minutes.
  • Grow your Pokemon before controlling them up, as there is a possibility that your Pokemon will have unwanted moves.
  • Rustling Grass – Hardly you might see rustling grass in Pedestrian areas which means that there might a Pokemon in that Pedestrian areas.
  • Gyms – There will be are the tallest landmarks visible will be of Red, Yellow, or Blue teams. They will hardly have a Pokemon on the top that is the “lead” Pokemon of that gym.
  • Pokemon Special Attack – This is one my Favorite Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks Android. For the special attack, Just Tap and hold on your Pokemon to charge up. This will be more powerful than the regular attack. To use it, You will have to wait for the Blue rectangles under your HP bar to charge.
  • Dodge – Swipe Left or right on your own Pokemon to avoid the other Pokemon’s attacks. I recommend you to use special attacks. Special attacks manage to do major damages as well, so they are re good for dodging also.
  • Take Pokémon Go with you everywhere: You should visit Pokestops and battle at gyms or catch some rare Pokemon’s.
  • Switch off Your Camera: Switching your camera off will make easier for you to catch Pokemon.
  • Rename your Pokemon: Use HTML tags to Rename your Pokemon. This is just for a Fun
  • Keep capturing weak Pokémon: Capturing Every Pokémon will increase your trainer level.
  • Track-specific Pokemon: Look at the Nearby screen to see which Pokemon are nearby you and how many steps they are far away from you.
  • Play at the different time of day: Some of the Pokemon are Night Owls who came out only at the night. So Play at different Time of the Day to increase your Trainer level.
  • Receive an EXP bonus: When you will catch a Pokemon, Just spin the ball while throwing at the Pokémon, to receive an EXP bonus.
  • Receive a defense Bonus: If you have already captured a Gym, after every 20 hours you will receive a defense Bonus. Collect your Bonus by going to the shop. The Bonus will include 500 Stardust and 10 coins for every Pokemon of yours.
  • Attract Pokemon: Use Can Incense to attract numerous wild Pokémon.

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