Polish software developers at the forefront of specialists in the world

Polish web programmers , who work in both front-end and back-end departments, are considered to be some of the best in the world. In many rankings they are listed as the top 10 best programmers in the world. This is quite an impressive result. 

Why are Polish programmers so popular on the international arena?

One can safely say that Poles have software development in their blood. Many foreign, global brands employ Polish programmers in their companies, last year a record number of established cooperation has been achieved. Foreign corporations describe them as very hardworking and reliable, but also appreciate their commitment, conscientiousness and high competence. They emphasize the fact that they are not divided by any language barrier. It has been known for a long time that Polish developers speak English very well.

What features should a “good programmer” have?

A good programmer, who can count on a chance to get to the most affluent prestigious foreign technology companies, should have such skills and features as:

– ability to solve problems,

– curiosity about technological novelties and willingness to learn about the latest trends,

– ability to think creatively independently,

– freedom in building interpersonal relations and lack of fear of working in a group,

– Soft skills, i.e. soft skills. 

Why are Polish programmers so good in their profession?

Many programmers have completed all kinds of courses and attended various programming schools. After graduating from programming schools, the graduates are ready to work on world markets. Candidates who want to learn programming must demonstrate excellent knowledge of English because 90% of the programs are related to English and have syntaxes from that language. Let’s not forget about instructions without which we won’t be able to understand the code.

Job offers as a programmer are tempting with various benefits, career opportunities, development and high salaries. All those who start their adventure with the IT industry will certainly not be disappointed. In the next few years there will be a shortage of about 1 million programmers, so it is worth taking an interest in taking up education in this field.


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