Building Online courses is a great opportunity as well ZOTApro to get certified, But Do You know How to Promote Online Courses to Your Audience? Do you think it is tough to promote your online courses? No. You can promote your online courses in an easy way, but it is mandatory to concentrate on some of the ways to better your promotion efforts. Before doing this keep in mind that if your course is not good enough, your efforts, the cost incurred for promotion and advertising may go down the drain.

6 Ways to Promote Online Courses to Your Audience
6 Ways to Promote Online Courses to Your Audience

So before starting your promotion works have a clear and strong sense of your goals which helps you to reach new heights. It is mandatory to provide value to your course. There are lots of ways to Promote Online Courses to Your Audience, and some of them are as follows.

6 Ways to Promote Online Courses to Your Audience

Posting your courses on websites

Most of the people come to know about the online courses through social media platforms. Various platforms are available online. One of them is through websites. Lots of free website creation tools are available on the market where you can easily create your website and make use of it for promotion. Also, you can create your blogs and post your online course videos on it.

You can create many blogs and post your ideas as different separate topics. Adding new aspects like worksheets, clear steps of following, shortcuts, comfortable and convenient methods, etc. make every user to follow your post.

There are many course platforms like Udemy which do their own promotion (they also keep a portion of your earnings). You can read this great article where they compare online course platforms to get a better idea as to which one will be suitable for you.

Live videos

By more number of live videos through Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks, you can easily promote your online course to Audience. But you have to focus on your way of posting. And either way, if you do not garner enough likes or shares, you can easily buy them from

Some of the important aspects are: the video must not be greater than 10 to 15 minutes, you must cover all the related topics within time, you must also speak about the easy methods, time management, etc.

Create separate videos for separate topics and lessons where you can cover all the topics as a whole.

Separate YouTube Channels

After Google, YouTube is the second most visited search engine. All the news and information about every topic will be updated immediately on YouTube. Likewise, you can post your course videos on this platform which reaches many users within a short span of time.

By creating your channel and posting all those online course videos will help the users to follow your channel for watching sequential videos. You can add or post videos on a daily basis, and you can add a link to your website for direct video subscriptions.

Creating groups

You can also create new groups with others who come up with online courses. The link between many groups reaches the people fast where they come to know about your course very quickly.

Create a part-wise video training which answers the questions “What, Why and How.” By receiving real-time feedback from members of other groups, you can enhance your way of presenting the videos.

Quiz and Contests

You can promote and improve your online courses to the audience by simple and innovative means. By posting your videos, you can also add some quiz, contests, surveys, etc. related to the topics handled which surely enhances the promotion. By the follower’s reviews and comments, you can still improve your presentations.

You can add extra spice by providing the free online course, providing free materials, conducting games and challenges on a daily, weekly basis, etc.  This way helps lots of people to participate and helps to study the online course.

Providing Extra rewards

The audience must finally achieve some significant results from your online courses, whatever the way is. It may be a simple way but the result should be great, and it must be helpful for all the people who follow it by some means. Prize drawing, providing rewards will also attract many users which help them to achieve two tasks. One is gaining excellent knowledge from the online course, and next is earning rewards through it.

By this method, you can easily accomplish a task within a certain period. You can add extra fun games, the fun quiz with this. Without making it too hard and difficult you can arrange these games with more fun which is so easy and innovative.


Those mentioned above are some of the ways and strategies to Promote Online Courses to Your Audience. But there are many other methods by which you can improve the marketing of your online course.

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