Sagoon Review
Sagoon Review

Sagoon Review: Sagoon is a free application that encourages you to assemble a compensating life through the inventive social way: Connect. Share. Earn. Sagoon now presents a far-reaching suite of items (applications) – MyDay, Story sharing, and MoodTalk – Each item has novel highlights and an alternate customer introduction system; the reason for every application is to reinforce genuine associations and be effective.

Sagoon Review – Use Sagoon in your Daily Routine

Here’s how you can use Sagoon in your daily routine: 

  • Organising your day through Sagoon’s My Day Feature:

MyDay is your savvy coordinator that imagines how your day looks like with your friends and family. This instrument disentangles your everyday life at home and office.

  • Why you should you use this feature:

Utilizing this device would reflect your every day exercises with your friends and family that gives you a true serenity and spares time and cash also.

  • Share your personal secrets through Sagoon’s Story Sharing Feature:

The story sharing is a data, experience, admission or frequency which you’ve never unveiled openly in words. However, in the event that revealed, it can influence individuals to get the hang of something noteworthy. This element is outlined in building a straightforward society and enhancing the nature of an individual life. Sharing a story may turn into a holding specialist and a blessing to others.

You are permitted to utilize 220 characters and up to three pictures to post a story. As a user, you can post your story (photographs and video) under the “Open” category, enabling the majority of your contacts to see, similar to, aversion or remark on it. While presenting you can pick on concealing your personality. You can likewise send one-on-one story messages which will vanish after they are perused.

The most fascinating and one of a kind part of sharing a story is “following,” which implies you can see the number and the names of areas your story has set out to.

Why you should you use this feature:

Each minute there is continually something going ahead around you. What’s more, infrequently nobody knows it superior to you. Imagine a scenario where you could impart it to others and bring change. It can be your own particular story!

  • Share your mood with Sagoon’s mood talk feature:

MoodTalk is a straightforward visiting instrument which gives your temperament a chance to do the talking. You essentially switch your inclination upbeat, miserable, debilitated, and so on to express what you feel. As, in actuality, where we don’t record everything we say, in MoodTalk your visits likewise vanish naturally following 24 hours.

  • Why you should you use Sagoon Mood Talk:

There can be days when you’re feeling cheerful, wonderful, tragic or plain wiped out. You would prefer not to open an email/telephone call or some other visit application to impart your passionate state to family or companions. What happens? You remain alone and feel forlorn. Here, with MoodTalk, suppose you are debilitated, you can set your Mood to ‘Wiped out’, which will advise or send SMS to your friends and family who may begin interfacing with you and you would then be able to express your sentiments that re-build up your connection and evacuate your depression.

Besides, dissimilar to other talk applications, you can spare your opportunity here. Messaging or talking ends up noticeably irritating and time killing without recognizing what disposition your companion might experience on the opposite side of a visit.

You can also share your meetings, notes, to-do list, and build your contacts into levels of family, friend, and co-operator, share your Me page for job findings, and several more!


Sagoon is a social media revolution which will change the world. This app can be really helpful for the office people and Teenagers and much more features will be added soon to this app.

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