Hope you all knows about Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 phone which was released in January of 2014, but i am not going to tell you about specifications or features etc.

But i going to tell you about cons of Samsung galaxy grand 2 which will be very help full for you before buying this cell phone.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Disadvantages

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Disadvantages

1. Display : Samsung galaxy grand 2 comes with TFT capacitive touchscreen which is very low as compared to all devices which comes in range of 20k – 30k. No Gorilla Glass at all, atleast gorilla glass 3 or 2 or even gorilla glass 1 .

2. Overheating Issue : Samsung Galaxy grand 2 overheating while playing heavy games ex. Fifa 14 or NFS or while surfing internet for more then 1 hour, its very hard to hold the device for more then 1 hour.

3. Battery drain : Battery drain out fast when phone is not in use and also poor signal, if full charged it will still last for 6 – 7 hours.

4. No Stock Android, heavily armed Touch Wiz integration. Very testing on Galaxy Grand 2 hardware.

5. Plastic leather : No original leather, its just cheap Plastic leather at back.

6. Overpriced Grand 2 : Samsung galaxy grand 2 phone is overpriced compared to the newly launched moto g though its having better specifications than moto g still its too overpriced for those specifications.

7. Android Os update : No update on Android KitKat os update for this phone, it may take end of this year to come.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 recently got Android Kitkat update. check our post.


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