SeoEaze Review
SeoEaze Review

SeoEaze Review – Health Niche Website 3 Months SEO Results

I started a niche domain selling Acne related products with decent search volume and great potential. After building a website, I tried doing SEO myself but did not achieve much success, so I did not do much for almost 3-4 months then once searching about SEO techniques I landed on seoly after seeing some positive reviews online.

Buying Experience with Sales Team

As soon as I spoke with them, we knew they were very experienced in online marketing.  They knew where are we lacking & what can be done to improve our rankings, after an initial conversation with their sales team, I decided to choose from complete SEO packages listed on their website & decided to go with a bronze package to start.

Initial Audit & Campaign Setup

First, they checked our website thoroughly. We thought there was nothing wrong with our website but we were wrong. There were so many internal problems with our design. Not only the design was not friendly, but also the website structure had problems. We could have never found even a small problem can affect our business.

The Best thing was, that I can monitor my campaign live all the time, I can track the rankings on daily basis & they were providing bi-weekly updates for all the SEO work they do.

We hired seoeaze for three months. Within that period, they were always giving us an advice and free information to help our business run profitably. During that time, we had a chance to spoke with a great guy, Adam Moore who is a Business Development Manager at SEOEAZE. He knows how things are done in online marketing. He digs in so deep and helps his client by giving so much time over a phone and in person. This guy has a wealth of information. We always followed him and his suggestions.

In the beginning, our website was on the 9th page for one keyword. The other two keywords were ranking our page on 13th and 14th page respectively. The most embarrassing part was when we came to know the main keyword that we focused was not even in the 300th rank in Google top 300th rank.

Before SeoEaze Started Working on our Campaign

After 3 months of SEO

The project started with a hope of something good going to happen and it did. The first thing we learned that we came using a Facebook page in a wrong way. There was a big difference between a personal Facebook page and a Business Facebook page. Posting on Facebook alone was not the only way to engage people. They had a method that increased engagement among the fans and followers. Another lesson we learned from them that relying on Facebook for visitors was not enough. They joined our business with Instagram and Twitter.

From getting social, the next thing went technical. They checked our website and told us that there were few changes that were needed for good SEO. We could not deny that. We learned about on the page optimization that was a very important component of SEO. They even gave us tip on how to do analysis on Google analytic report. They monitored web traffic and the progress of SEO. Over and above that, they always give you all that information and tips so you can work on your own.

The experience with seoeaze was awesome. They give top notch advice that will open your eyes to a new landscape of online marketing machine. We highly recommend this company for SEO services. They have professional teams who can definitely increase your web exposure. If you are looking to improve your business, you can trust this company.

Here is the screenshot of the Google analytics after we completed the SEO work by SEOEAZE

Our Traffic is increased by whopping 380% & ROI was more than 400%, I am very much happy with the results & I decided to go with another niche website now.

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