Movavi Video Editor - Slow Motion Video Software for Windows 10
Movavi Video Editor – Slow Motion Video Software for Windows 10

If there is one type of special effect that has stood the test of time it is ‘Slow motion’. It is widely used in video productions of all kinds, sometimes to strengthen the atmosphere of the shot or at other time to slow down the action and make it more dramatic. Probabilities are you can think of several ways in which you could use this effects in your own videos – but to do so you’ll need to be able to implement it in the first place.

Although applying a slow-motion effect may seem advanced at first, with Movavi Video Editor – Slow Motion Video Software for Windows 10 it is really quite straightforward. In fact, it is easy enough that you don’t need any prior experience to use it in your videos, and it will just take you a couple of minutes to apply it. If you are finding yourself with some questions, windows 7 canada website will be able to help you out. Microsoft has synchronized it’s website to function with all versions of windows, so whether you have 7, 10 or live you can be helped from the same place! Convenient right!?

With Movavi Video Editor Software, you won’t need any special slow-motion camera to convert your video into a slow-mo masterpiece. Using this Software you can make amazing slow motion videos in HD and Ultra HD too.

Our simple guide will instantly show you How to Make Slow Motion Videos with Movavi Video Editor. It is also a Slow Motion Video Software for Windows 10.

Make Slow Motion Videos with Movavi Video Editor

To get started launch Movavi Video Editor and click ‘Create the project in full feature mode’ to open up the editor. After that add the video that you’d like to apply the slow motion effect on by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and select it.

  • Firstly Download and Install Movavi Video Editor
  • Now Add Your Video Files in the Software. Once the video is added to Movavi Video Editor it will appear in the ‘Timeline’ located near the bottom of the interface. Right above the ‘Timeline’, you will see a panel of buttons, one of which is the ‘Clip Properties’ button that resembles a cogwheel.
  • To create the slow motion effect, click on the ‘Clip Properties’ button and move the ‘Speed’ slider to the left to slow down the video. Do Test with the slider to create super-slow motion videos.

At this point, you would have already successfully created a slow-motion video, but don’t forget that changing the speed of the Video will also change the speed of the Audio of the Video. If you want to maintain the same original speed of the Audio then follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, Click on the ‘Mute track’ icon beside the ‘Audio’ track on the ‘Timeline’, then add a new audio track in its place. If you want you can replace the audio track with the original audio by adding the original video once again and using its audio track (that wouldn’t have been slowed down).

The Movavi – Slow Motion Video Editor can do far more than creating slow down videos and in fact, that is just One of the feature of this software. Using it trim out unwanted segments, merge clips together, enhance your video quality, correct common issues with video recordings, add captions, include audio tracks, apply various other special effects and filters, insert customizable text, and much more.

Definitely, you will have all the tools you need to create beautiful and professional videos that look great. The Best part of Movavi – Slow Motion Video Software is that each and every tool is designed to be automatic and very easy to use. So you can just easily start improving your video without requiring any prior expertise.

Movavi Video Editor – Slow Motion Video Software for Windows 10

Whether you want to create Video Presentations, Tutorials or Any other kind of Videos – the Movavi Video Editor is an only one tool you need. Make sure you give a try so that you can see how quick and useful it is to edit videos with the Movavi – Slow Motion Video Software for Windows 10.

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