Hi, Friends, in our Blogger’s Interview Series today we have Beauty Blogger Papri Ganguly from Through My Pink window. In this interview with Etechexplorer, she has discussed her journey towards blogging, being productive, and honest beauty product reviews on her blog.

We are very much thankful to Papri Ganguly for taking time to answer the questions. So without much wait, let’s take into the discussion now.

Interview With Papri Ganguly From Through My Pink window

  • Hi, Welcome to Etechexplorer. Could you Please share a bit about Yourself?

Myself Papri Ganguly, a true bong by heart, Beauty Blogger by passion and a 9-5 employer by profession. My endless love for makeup makes me fall for blogging. I studied MCA and also a mum of 3yrs. My blog Through My Pink Window is the mirror of my soul and passion.

  • When and how did you get Introduced to Blogging?

It is just a year now that I started blogging. I was associated with one of India’s top beauty blog before. To be honest, I’m a true Youtube and beauty blogs addict and my passion and endless love for makeup are driven me to start my own blog and I’m very happy with it.

  • What your Blog Through My Pink Window all about? How did you think to name it?

It is all about me, my passion, my madness and my love. When I created my personal blog the name through my pink window just came into my mind. Pink is the color that defines a woman, a lady, a girl, femininity, sweetness, politeness, charm, sensitivity, tenderness, romance and most of all innocents. The way I feel the color pink through my passion, my work, my girly thighs I have curated my blog with that and name it –Through My Pink window.

  • Being a Full-time working woman and Mother of 3 Year Daughter how do you manage your daily blogging routine? and How do you stay Productive? How many hours a week do you spend on your blog?

Trust me, it is really hard for me more than you think. I try to post every day and for that, I prepare my articles before and shoot pictures only on holidays like Sundays. My passion helps me to stay productive. Even I would love to give up my rest and sleep for my blog. That’s how passionate I am. I spent almost 70% working hours for that.

  • What are the strengths you think have helped you to become an effective blogger? Do you wish to learn any new skill from Etechexplorer Blog and from Blogging Authority? 

It is only my passion and endless love for makeup and makeup products. Yes, of course, I would love to learn much about web designing and SEO.

  • What’s the one thing you have done that has Increased your Traffic the most? 

My easy to create makeup looks and most honest reviews (with after and before pictures, mind it without photoshopped), I think.

  • Many people start their blog and discontinue after some time. What do you think is the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

Nothing can happen overnight. Right! Yes, some people start blogging on no reason or passing time or thought to make huge money. Then sometime later they get demotivated as they do not acquire any outcome. Some are choosing the niche which they are not passionate about. So a few days later they couldn’t find a topic or subject to post about. I would suggest to the newbie bloggers to discover their passion first then start blogging.

  • Did you face any obstacle? Please share about your early blogging mistakes if any

Yes, I faced many obstacles in everyday life. Not only in this virtual world, but in real life too. Some I try to solve and some I would like to ignore.

Yes, in my early days, I practiced word stuffing in my post. I thought that it would help in SEO, but one day I discovered that I page is vanished from Google Search Engine. Then I researched a lot, asked many fellow bloggers. Then found out the Reason. Now I tried to change the whole thing slowly.

  • So far, which is the Most Awesome Moment in your Blogging Journey?

Many people come forward and appreciate my talent and Makeup skill that makes me feel “Out of the World”.

  • Please share some Blogging tips for bloggers who just started working on Beauty Blogs

Try to find out

    • What are you passionate about?
    • What makes you crazy?
    • What appeal you more than your sleep and hunger?
    • When you realize, start blogging about that. I think you will never get out of topic.
    • Before starting a blog make sure to research much about SEO.
    • Try to post most honest opinion possible, because “Public hai yeh, sab janti hai”.

I feel so honored to be a part Etechexplorer. Thank you, team, for choosing me.

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  1. Nice interview Interview With Papri Ganguly and great inspiration for all beauty bloggers who start and quit soon with their failures. She is a good example of how she used her tricks to change the course of her blogging life.

    All the best Papri.

  2. Hi Akshay Naik,
    I am happy to know about Papri Ganguly From Through My Pink window, there are so many beauty bloggers who are working hard but we know only some of them from fb groups.
    You are doing a great job by interviewing these hidden gems who are worth to follow and learn some good things from them.
    Thanks for sharing the interview.

  3. Nice to read her journey as I follow her and her writing.She always comes up with superb makeup looks and honest review.I completely agree with her.Being a beauty and lifestyle blogger myself,I can fully resonate with her thought.Thank you etechexplorer team for bringing it forward.


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