Top 5 Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills and Grammar
Top 5 Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills and Grammar

Are you a Content Writer or Digital Marketer who are looking for Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills and Grammar? Check out these Creative Writing Tools that will help you to create very appealing and grammatically excellent content. You are going to find the Top 5 Online Grammar Check Tools that help you correct your spelling and grammar mistakes so you can impress your audience. Let’s get started.

Looking to Improve your Writing Skills?

Here is a list of Top 5 Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills and Grammar.

Top 5 Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills and Grammar

1. Grammarly:

Grammarly is one of the most popular spellings and grammar checking tool. It is supported by the popular web browsers, namely Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Moreover, the desktop version of Grammarly is also available to download. The best part of this software is that it is available free of cost and check for all types of grammatical and spelling errors in your article for free. This tools will help you to Improve English Writing Skills Online.

Grammarly is an intelligent software that performs live grammar and spelling check. As you start writing an article in the Grammarly editor, it begins its search for Grammar and spelling errors and underlines all the errors in an article with red color, so that you can easily recognize the mistakes. Besides this, it also gives an explanation for the particular grammatical error. Grammarly also displays the synonyms and definition of the selected words, but this feature is set to OFF by default. You have to enable this feature in order to use it.

Today the Grammarly is the favorite grammar checking tool of millions of writers across the world. 

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2. Ginger:

Ginger is a professional Writing Tools Online Free which helps you to check all your grammar and spelling errors in the article. Like Grammarly, Ginger also has the desktop version to download. You can Simply paste the text into it and it starts checking for errors automatically. All the errors are highlighted with blue color. Click on these errors and it gives possible suggestions to that. You can either ignore the suggestions or correct the mistakes by placing suggestions in your article. It is one of the essay editor service tools.

Ginger is available for the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.

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3. Hemingway Editor:

Hemingway Editor is another free tool to Improve English Writing Skills Online. You have to paste the entire content in this editor and click on edit button. It displays your readability score and highlights all the errors in yellow color in your content. It highlights different types of errors with different colors like unnecessarily used adverbs, use of sentences in passive voice, sentences which are difficult and very difficult to read, etc.

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4. 1Checker:

1Checker is one more grammar and spelling checker tool for content writers and digital marketers. Simply type and paste your entire content in this software and it performs grammar and spell check automatically. You can also upload a document in the software to check for grammatical and spelling errors. It supports the following formats of a document: TXT, DOC, and DOCX. it highlights all the errors with red colors. You can correct the errors by replacing them with the possible suggestions shown by 1Checker.

You can also view the detailed report generated by the software in the pie chart format. The report shows the total number of spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and other mistakes in an article.

5. GrammarLookup:

GrammarLookup is one of the best Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills and Grammar. Steps to check my grammar by GrammarLookup: Simply copy your content and paste it into the space provided by GrammarLookup and click on LOOKUP button. It then, perform spelling and grammar check in the article. All the mistakes will be highlighted in red color. To correct them, click on the highlighted word and select the appropriate alternative. If the word is not available, you can add another replacement.


These are some Top 5 Creative Writing Tools, which will help you To Improve Your Writing Skills and Grammar. Many Content Writer and Digital Marketer use these tools, and they simply love these Tools to Improve Essay Writing Skills because these are very valuable. Once if you get used to these Writing Tools Online Free, you will improve your writing skills and along with that, you will be more productive in planning creative content for your Blog.

If you have any other recommendation of other Creative Writing Tools, you can mention it in a comment box.

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